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Divination Tarot online for the near future


Who among us does not dream of being able to predict future events in order to live our life according to the best possible scenario, avoiding misfires and mistakes? But, unfortunately, not all have developed extrasensory abilities, so you have to turn for help to various mantic instruments, of which the Tarot cards are in first place in popularity.

In this divination of the tarot you can look online in the near future and get advice in various aspects of life.

Rules of online divination:
Stay alone and try not to think about anything for 2-3 minutes. You need to focus on your subconscious. When you are ready, draw 7 cards from the deck.

Choose the first map: Predict more
To guess yet

The ritual of divination can be repeated after 5-10 minutes.

Next, we will tell you how to perform the alignment for the near future Tarot on ordinary maps.

Instructions on the use of tarot cards "offline"

Before embarking on self-divination, you need to note some points that are important to adhere to for effective interaction with the tarot deck.

Tarot cards are a special system in which the concrete personalities, the qualities of these personalities, and also the events are combined into one whole. This means that under the same card information about many aspects of life can be hidden at once. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why fortune-telling on the Tarot cards is so popular with experienced fortune-tellers.

You can spend the whole day deciphering the meaning of just a few pictures. But thanks to such detailing it becomes possible to disclose various aspects of human life, predicting its further development, as well as obtaining other valuable information.

But, of course, not without difficulties. The main one is that in order to get the most detailed answer to your question you need to understand very well the meaning of arcana, as well as their mutual combination. A lot of specialized literature is devoted to this topic.

A novice practitioner must understand that divination by the Tarot cards is a very serious art, which will require thoughtful preparation, perseverance, developed imagination and not weak industriousness.

Now you can go directly to the implementation of divination.

Methods of divination on the Tarot cards

As mentioned above, the Tarot cards are very multifaceted, they include a maximum of information that you can only imagine. There are many methods of divination by the Tarot deck.

For example, divination by three Tarot cards for the near future, divination by seven cards, ten or more, is quite popular. These are the most well-known variants of layouts, but each tarologist has his own way of communicating with the deck, and, as a rule, his own, author's scores appear with practice.

In any case, to work with maps you need to have a well-developed intuition in order not only to use other people's experience, but also to “feel” them yourself, to understand what they want to tell you.

Next, we consider the most popular layouts for the near future.

Guessing "Pyramid"

It is held on ten maps.

They start the alignment from above, where they put the first card, and then in the direction from left to right they lay out two more cards, on the next level - three, even lower - four. The scheme of divination "Pyramid" is shown in the figure below.

In this case, the interpretation of the arcana will be as follows:

  • 1st card - reveals all the features of the situation;
  • 2nd card - tells about the possible development options;
  • The 3rd card is a tip that should be given increased attention;
  • maps from 4th to 6th is a review of factors affecting the situation;
  • maps from 7th to 8th - a recommendation on how to act;
  • maps from the 9th to the 10th indicate what is to be feared.

Guessing "Hearts"

This alignment will shed light on your relationship with your loved one. It uses ten cards with the following value:

  • 1st card - what your qualities and character traits will attract your soul mate;
  • 2nd card - what will your future spouse attract you with?
  • 3rd map - important aspects of relationships;
  • 4th card - how the beloved will behave;
  • 5th card - under what circumstances you will meet;
  • 6th card - what a loved one can give you;
  • 7th card - what can you give to your half;
  • 8th card - tells about third-party influences;
  • 9th map - the further development of relations.

Divination for the near future on the Tarot

By resorting to it, you will receive an accurate prediction that affects different areas of life. This is a more complex scenario, it is more suitable for people with experience in working with tarot cards.

It is necessary to mix a deck of cards, select 17 arcana and arrange them according to the scheme in the figure.

Then you can refer to the interpretation:

  • S (significator) is the personification of the identity of the person asking;
  • 1st card - also characterizes the guessing;
  • 2 nd map - an overview of the material (financial) situations;
  • 3rd map - shed light on the closest human environment;
  • 4th card - describes the parents and the family of fortunetellers;
  • Map 5 - provides an overview of entertainment and enjoyment;
  • 6th map - possible pathologies;
  • 7th card - how the enemies of the questioner can show themselves;
  • 8th map - talks about global changes in life;
  • 9th map - travel;
  • 10th map - an overview of the business sphere of life;
  • Card 11 — features of relationships with friends and co-workers;
  • 12th card - tells about the likely troubles of the future;
  • Card 13 - does the past of a person affect the present;
  • Card 14 - will the present affect future events;
  • Card 15 - speaks of situations from which you cannot save yourself;
  • 16th card - what you will achieve in the end.

Fortune telling

The fair sex, who are preparing for motherhood, instead of the traditional pregnancy test can use a special layout on the Tarot cards, which will help determine whether a pregnancy has occurred. Also, this alignment will tell about the difficulties relating to carrying a baby, will provide information about future births and so on.

First, the main map is selected - the significator (denoted as S). When choosing it, you must take into account the peculiarities of the person asking

  • for a woman with blond hair - suit the suit of cups or pentacles;
  • and for a dark-haired girl - used the suit of wands and swords.

Then the cards are laid out as shown in the figure.

And then proceed to their interpretation:

  • 1st card - tells about the state of health of a woman at the present moment of time;
  • Card 2 - will answer the question: "Has conception happened or not?" The cards that say that a woman is pregnant include the Jester, Ace of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, Empress, the Sun, 10 Cups and 8 Staves;
  • 3rd card - sheds light on the probable problems with conception or the initial stage of pregnancy (indicates the threat of miscarriage, etc.);
  • 4th card - describes the state of health of the baby during pregnancy;
  • 5th card - tells about the state of health of the future mother for 9 months;
  • 6th map - describes how the birth will take place;
  • 7th card - tells about the state of health of the baby, when he was born.

Guessing for health

This scenario is resorted to in cases where there is a suspicion of the presence of certain pathologies. It will help to understand the cause of negative well-being, as well as talk about how to recover.

You need to take a pack of cards, hold it in your hands a little, so that the cards are filled with your energy, and then mix. Spread the lasso in the same way as the following picture shows.

  • The 1st card will tell you what state of health you are in today;
  • 2nd card - describes your problem in detail;
  • 3rd card - because of what could arise pathology;
  • 4th card - which system of the body should be given increased attention;
  • 5th map - hidden facts related to the disease;
  • 6th card - what supports your health today;
  • 7th map - the state of which organs you need to improve;
  • 8th and 9th card - thanks to which your state of health stabilizes;
  • The 10th card - that will contribute to complete healing.

Watch also an interesting themed video clip.