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The strongest prayers to the Healer Panteleimon for their health, children, relatives


Young people do not think about doctors - when my husband and I got married, we didn’t even have a first-aid kit. But when children began to appear one after another, everything appeared with them - medical records, first aid kit, and full telephone numbers of doctors of various profiles. It seems to be hardening them, and we feed them correctly, and we take it out to the sea every summer, but then our teeth will spoil, then the flu epidemic will pump the whole family, then measles will appear in school ... Over time, I have come to the conclusion that there is little medicine, and found for children a heavenly patron - Healer Panteleimon. Since the beginning of his regular prayer, the incidence of diseases has greatly diminished ...

The strongest prayers to the saint

About own health

About healing child

About the recovery of the patient (neighbor or relative)

Why is Saint Panteleimon called the Healer?

At birth, he received the name Pantoleon. He was born and lived a saint in Nicomedia (or Nicomedia), a city located in the territory of modern Turkey.

He was a doctor, and so skillful that he was even called to the court of the emperor.

Having become acquainted with Christians, he accepted the true faith and even turned his own father into her, who was a notorious pagan by that time.

Panteleimon became famous for his honest and gracious life. He cured many people and did not look at the wealth and social status they had. Often the Healer visited prisons, saving prisoners from terrible wounds.

Because of the talent of Panteleimon, as well as the fact that the Lord himself helped him, it turned out that the majority of citizens tried to get treatment for him. This angered other doctors who started to suffer losses due to this fact. Therefore, they told the emperor that Panteleimon was a Christian. The governor tried to force the young doctor to return to paganism, and when he refused, he was executed.

In more detail about the life of this greatest Christian associate, as well as miracles that he performed much later, after his martyr's demise (including in the last century), this documentary film tells:

How to apply to the saint?

For prayer worth buying an icon holy It should be hung over the patient's bed or put on the bedside table in the hospital. The size of the image is not important, it can even be pocket.

It is also advisable to bring some from the church. holy water - it at the end you need to drink the patient. You only need to drink a couple of sips.

The frequency of prayers is important (the more often you address the better). However, it is equally important with which “heart” you will communicate with the saint. Try to clear the soul of bad thoughts and doubts in advance, speak with faith. Do not read the prayer automatically. It is advisable to memorize it, and to repeat every word with the soul, putting all the emotions that overwhelm you into it.

Ideally, at least once go to the temple of God and place a candle before the face of the Great Martyr Panteleimon. And if the disease is very difficult, go to the priest and ask you to bless you for such prayers. By the way, the priest will certainly advise you to write a church note, to order a prayer for health and Sorokoust (both about yourself and a relative or neighbor, the main thing is that they are Orthodox). Do not refuse.

How long should I pray? The answer is simple: until relief comes, recovery.

In which situations of life can you pray?

  • If you have an operation. You can pray (and even need to) during the operation itself, asking Panteleimon to direct the doctors' hands and help heal your loved one.
  • If doctors for a long time can not give you a clear diagnosis, and therefore, prescribe the correct treatment.
  • When treating any disease, even seemingly not too dangerous to you (even the usual flu or the common cold can result in terrible complications, an unpretentious scratch or rubbing on the diabetic foot - amputation, and so on).
  • If the family has an alcoholic or a drug addict.
  • If someone is faced with mental (mental) disease. Also, some priests advise Panteleimon to pray for the soul of an ardent atheist, comparing the evil that has befallen such a person with spiritual illness.
  • If you are constantly under the yoke of fatigue, impotence, apathy.
  • You can pray even if you see that a person has no hope, and doctors send him from the hospital to die. After all, firstly, the Lord sometimes performs miracles (even to us, sinners), and cures the most painful patients - after all, the Healer Panteleimon passes our prayers as an intermediary to Him. And secondly, even if this man is destined to go to the Heavenly Father, it will be useful for Panteleimon to plead with Him for his soul. In this case, death can be granted easy, and the soul of this person will be quickly accepted among the righteous.

Witches and sorcerers who read conspiracies order something to “pay” for what they want: either not to take change in the store, or to give out something concrete to the poor, or to throw something at all or to bury it in the ground. Panteleimon (like other saints) does not require anything from you except faith, but if you sin, then repentance. Although, of course, if you lead a righteous life, help the poor, your prayers will be heard faster.

Church day of worship of the great martyr Panteleimon

it August 9. On this day, it is customary to glorify Panteleimon. If during the year you turned to him for help and he heard your prayers, on the day of the saint's memory, find an hour to visit the church. Or at least light a candle at home, pray and thank your patron.

This is how the whole Orthodox world celebrates the holiday of Panteleimon: a reportage of the Russian news service.

In honor of Panteleimon the Healer, many churches and monasteries were consecrated both in our country and throughout the world.


  • The holy great martyr Panteleimon is called the Healer because during his lifetime this man was a talented doctor. And at first he cured people with the help of medicines, and later - also with prayer.
  • Panteleimon can pray for his own health, as well as for any other person - primarily for children and other blood relatives, but it’s also important to ask for friends, neighbors, colleagues, and even strangers who are in trouble.
  • After the saint helps you easily undergo surgery, overcome a difficult illness, or support a family during the illness of a loved one, do not forget to offer him a prayer of thanks.

The life of a saint is understandable for adults, but it may seem difficult for a child. I offer a short cartoon film that can be viewed with middle-aged and older children. Thanks to this little cartoon, your daughter, son, grandson or godson will be able to understand more closely what is holy and why do you pray to him: