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Short prayer rule from Seraphim of Sarov


I strongly recommend that all parishioners follow the rules of Seraphim of Sarov. Today I will tell you what their essence is, and also dwell on the stories from the life of this saint.

Saint Seraphim of Sarov

Seraphim of Sarov is a very important and revered persona in Christianity, since this Saint made a great contribution to our religion's development and its promotion to the broad masses. He devoted his whole life to spiritual development, and he tried not only to get closer to the Lord on his own, but also helped others around him in every possible way.

This man lived a truly righteous life and was remembered by people for his godly deeds and wise advice. Even after his death, he did not leave the suffering and needing of his care, thanks to his joining the Saints, he is still able to provide real assistance to those people who need it, who sincerely ask for it. After his departure to another world, he left a huge gift to all mankind in the form of his teachings, because the rule of Seraphim of Sarov is carefully passed down from generation to generation, used by many people.

A brief description of the life of this holy elder

At birth Seraphim Sarovsky received a completely different name - Prokhor. He grew up in a fairly well-to-do and wealthy family, since his father was a merchant and was successfully engaged in trade. However, the existing wealth never really attracted the boy, for the reason that since early childhood he understood the importance of spiritual development and commitment to his own religion. Prokhor's family was actively involved in charitable donations for the construction of a cathedral in Kursk, so the child always had the right example before his eyes.

At a very young age (some sources claim that it happened at ten years old) the boy was subjected to severe illness, and when there was no hope for a favorable outcome, the mother, being a true Christian, brought the baby to the people who were making a religious procession. After that, the disease retreated, and Prokhor was still alive. Such a wonderful event very clearly outlined to the boy the vector of his main activity, and he began to understand in depth questions of religion and faith.

Seraphim devoted his whole life to the Lord Almighty and at the same time actively fought and eradicated all his carnal vices. He never indulged in excesses, neither in food, nor in garments and shelter. By doing this, the elder increasingly understood the importance of the development of the soul, and not the satisfaction of momentary perishable desires and desires.

Modern Orthodox people, thanks to the example of Serafim Sarovsky, should also pay more attention to their own spirituality and come to understand the importance of a simple and uncomfortable life in all its aspects.

Rejecting wealth and luxury, the saint went to a monastery and devoted almost all of his time to prayers and communication with the highest forces. Of course, not everyone needs such restrictions, especially since the modern world dictates very different requirements, and the rhythm of life is rapidly accelerating every day. The main thing that you have to endure is that material values ​​and money accumulated on earth cannot be taken to heaven with you. You will appear before God and the Saints only with what you have acquired and developed in yourself on the spiritual plane. Therefore, realize the importance of daily turning to the Almighty and keeping all God's commandments. In order to make life easier for an Orthodox person, Seraphim left his rule for the laity.

For which you need to follow the instructions of the prayer rules being described.

The main thing that everyone who aspires to the Kingdom of God needs to remember is the importance of regular prayer practices. However, this should be done not under duress or because of the fear of being punished, but with the best of intentions coming from the depths of the heart. While doing this, you should experience joy and grace, moreover, a truly spiritual person is looking forward to the moment when he can retire and start spiritual practices. If you don’t have one, then you shouldn’t be upset and discouraged, because you just need to carefully analyze your attitude to faith and God and eradicate all negative limiting beliefs about this.

Seraphim Sarovsky left his followers a very powerful, but at the same time extremely simple tool that will allow you to find time for the Almighty and your soul under any conditions. The power of the prayer rule is that it contains three short but very powerful sacred texts that will instantly tune you in the right way and show the inhabitants of the faith a commitment to faith.

Many exemplary Christians daily use the instructions of the Rev. the Elder, as this allows them, even during periods of absolute lack of free time, to follow the law of the Lord and maintain a state of spirituality.

How to correctly use the prayer rule for Orthodox people

During his lifetime, St. Seraphim preached to his disciples and pilgrims the importance of the regularity of spiritual practices. The most important thing is that he didn’t just tell people how to do the right thing, but also showed this by his example. The elder argued that regularly reading the morning and evening sacred texts, people bring tremendous benefits to his soul, while not spending too much time on it.

So, what did the Most Holy Elder Seraphim of Sarov advise in his rules:

  • After awakening, the first thing a person should do is to receive the blessings of God for the coming day and all the planned things. This must be done in the morning, before the start of the usual everyday routine, because in this way you will show your life priorities and the importance of religion in your destiny.
  • It is advisable to read the prayers in front of the iconostasis with a lit consecrated candle.
  • Always follow a certain sequence and frequency of reading the sacred texts. At the very beginning one should read thrice the most important prayer of Christianity, “Our Father!”. Then the prayer “The Song to the Virgin Mary” is also read three times. And in conclusion, the Symbol of Faith is read out once.
  • During the whole day also do not forget to turn to the Lord almighty; you yourself can choose the right words. The main thing is to remind yourself that in the first place for the Christian there should be true faith, and then material life matters.
  • If you have such an opportunity and desire, you can repeat the Holy Seraphim prayer rule at lunchtime. It is not necessary to do this in front of the icon, it will be enough if you find a secluded and quiet place.
  • Be sure to read all the prayers in the same order and the same number of times.

The Most Holy One asserted that systematic Orthodox spiritual practices would allow a person to achieve the necessary perfection, as far as possible, being in a sinful body. It must also be remembered that good deeds are the same basis for a righteous Christian life as prayers. The elder showed by his example that charity and the rejection of wealth for the benefit of the needy is a righteous road that will lead to peace of mind and grace.

Why are these prayers in the rule and is it possible to replace them with any other

Such a combination of prayers was chosen for a reason, and it has a deep spiritual meaning, because it is no wonder that the Holy Elder worked on the creation of his commandments.

The meaning of each prayer text in the rule of the Holy Elder Seraphim of Sarov:

  • “Our Father” is a fundamental prayer in Christianity, because these words were conveyed to us from the Lord Almighty himself through the mouth of his son Jesus Christ.
  • The second prayer was a gift of the Holy Mother from the celestial bearer Archangel Michael.
  • The last text contains all the main dogmas of Orthodoxy, therefore it requires special awareness when reading it.

The short prayer rule is not recommended to change, since each of its components is chosen with a special meaning. Use prayers exactly as Seraphim of Sarovskii has bequeathed to us.