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How to conquer a scorpion man: the secrets of seduction and conquest


Scorpio man - a magnet for women, and it's not at all in appearance. They are attracted by his powerful sexual energy, charisma and intelligence, and at the same time he does not have to be handsome. He knows how to properly present themselves, and can cause interest in any girl, but to achieve its location is not so easy. To understand how to conquer a Scorpio man, you need to know the characteristics of his character, tastes and preferences. In this article I will tell you how to behave with a person who has such a complex kind to become the one and only for him.

Main character traits

Despite the fact that the Scorpions look stern and restrained, they have an amorous and changeable kind, therefore in their youth they often change partners. Guys are in constant search for new emotions and sensations. With age, they become more serious, and come to a clear understanding of what qualities the future wife should possess. Having found a suitable candidate, the Scorpios are sure to marry, only they are unlikely to stop looking at other girls.

Building a healthy relationship to a representative of this zodiac sign is hindered by a complex nature. Not every girl will be able to get along with such a person, but if she has sincere feelings for him, and wants to stay close, then she will have to try to understand and accept all the features of his nature.

  1. Scorpios are incredibly self-confident, they consider themselves to be the ideal representative of the male, on whom you want to be equal. Undoubtedly, they have a lot of merit, and they have something to learn, only this does not apply to all representatives of the mark. A small percentage of men are just posers who boast of non-existent merits, while they themselves do not represent anything.
  2. Representatives of this zodiac sign are interested in esotericism, mysticism and philosophy. They constantly study their subconscious, and seek to comprehend the secrets of the universe. A well-developed intuition and the ability to see signs sent by higher powers help them make the right decisions in life.
  3. Men Scorpios consider themselves to be exceptional personalities, and deservedly so. But awareness of this fact is not enough for them, others should also share their point of view, so they try to emphasize their superiority in every possible way. Any comparison with other people offends them to the depths of their souls, regardless of which side they use. If someone decides to humiliate Scorpio, ridiculing his dignity, he will find in his face the worst enemy.
  4. Representatives of this zodiacal sign can be angry and vindictive if they are offended. It does not matter whether it was a negative statement, sarcasm or a bad joke - the offender will get what he deserves. But it should be noted that Scorpio is in no hurry to strike back, at first he carefully thinks about the way of revenge, and presents it in the most "successful" time.
  5. Only a few succeed in solving the essence of the representative of this zodiac sign. In the company he can be sociable and relaxed, talk about his adventures and experiences. But is it possible to believe this? Often, Scorpio is thus entertained, training its gift of persuasion, and checking the degree of suggestibility of others.
  6. Men are treated with suspicion and distrust. Despite the large social circle, they have very few real friends - no more than 3 people. Every new acquaintance is perceived "in hostility", and is subject to numerous checks. Such aggressive and closed behavior is formed in Scorpions in his childhood, and the reason is the betrayal of a loved one.
  7. Purposefulness, perseverance and steadfastness help representatives of this sign to achieve the desired. They are strong and self-sufficient individuals, so they often choose the path of a loner. Even if they are married, they will not consult with their beloved about personal or professional affairs, and will silently act as they see fit.
  8. Scorpio is not afraid of difficulties - he boldly takes on the work that most people prefer to avoid. He will never ask for help, but will persistently try to cope with the task on his own. Thanks to a developed intellect, cunning and dexterity, a man always succeeds in achieving success.

These character traits are inherent in all Scorpions, but each of them may have their own individual characteristics. For example, there are kind and affectionate personalities, or angry and eternally dissatisfied; mean and selfish, or generous and compassionate.

Female ideal

To understand how to conquer a Scorpio man, you need to know his tastes and preferences. Representatives of this zodiac sign have a formed ideal life partner with whom they compare potential partners.

  1. True. Scorpio must be 100% sure in his girlfriend that she will never betray him, will always be there, and will support him in any situation. He is a terrible owner and a jealous man, so if he sees that she glanced at another man, then he will surely make a scandal. In a fit of rage, he can even raise his hand to his beloved, so it’s better not to provoke him.
  2. Not jealous. The representative of this zodiacal sign does not like to limit his freedom and control every step, even if it is his legal spouse. In his opinion, she should accept the fact that he likes other women, and in no case do not make scenes of jealousy.
  3. Totally innocent or experienced. For the Scorpio is important intimate side of the relationship, so in most cases, he chooses experienced, liberated girls with whom you can realize any fantasy. But he can also come together with an innocent girl to teach her all the “bed wisdom” that he likes. In other words, he will independently cultivate his ideal.
  4. Spectacular and seductive. A man born under this zodiac sign wants to see next to him a beautiful, well-groomed girl, with graceful manners, whom others look with delight. She should look modest and elegant, restrained to behave in society and be able to keep up the conversation.
  5. Mysterious and mysterious. Scorpio loves everything new and unexplored, so it will be able to interest him secretive, mysterious nature. A girl should not tell about herself everything on the first date, let him try to solve her secrets.

As for appearance, for men this sign does not have a definite stereotype. They may fall in love with both a slim blonde and a plump brunette, because for them the main personality of the girl, her behavior and inner world.

Secrets of seduction

To attract and keep Scorpio is not so easy, so if a girl intends to become his wife, then she will have to develop a whole plan to conquer a man. In addition, you should be prepared for the fact that for the implementation of the plan will take a lot of time. Representatives of this zodiacal sign are looking for a long time at potential darlings in order to make sure not only their reliability and seriousness, but also their feelings.

To attract the attention of Scorpio, the girl must first look good: a stylish outfit, discreet makeup and beautiful hair styling. Vulgar and defiant appearance only repels. When dealing with such a man should behave modestly and restrained, but at the same time confident and relaxed. He likes intelligent people who can conduct a dialogue on any topic. Also, representatives of this zodiac sign are incredibly attracted by independence and self-sufficiency - these qualities awaken in them the hunter and conqueror's instinct.

Scorpios value sincerity, so if a girl is caught in a lie or deceit, her trust will be lost forever. They do not like cunning and intrigue, but they recognize false and deception at times. It is not recommended to play with the feelings of men of this sign, or "lead them by the nose", because one day they will cruelly avenge it.

Since for Scorpios intimate life are of great importance, his future partner should completely suit him in this regard. But if a girl wants a long relationship, then she should not go to bed with a man on the first date. Its task is to keep the distance as long as possible, but at the same time to show its interest, otherwise it will simply shift its attention to another object of sighing. And if intimate intimacy has already taken place, then the man will perceive the refusal in the future as an insult.

Since strong relationships are built on communication, you need to find mutual interests and points of contact. Despite the fact that Scorpio is quite intelligent and developed intellectually, it will not be possible to entice him with social talks. It is much more interesting for him to speculate about mysticism and esotericism. If there is such an opportunity, then a woman should start studying runic magic or learn to guess on the cards in order to entice her lover in this way.

To become the wife of a man of Scorpio, a girl will have to prove and demonstrate her loyalty, reliability and readiness for a married life for a long time. Even being in a relationship with such a person for more than one year, the slightest offense can cause him to change his mind about the chosen one, and break the connection with her. Go to the altar with a representative of this zodiac sign and build a happy relationship with him can only the woman who truly loves him, and will have incredible patience and wisdom to accept it for what it is.

Let's sum up

  • A Scorpio man is a person with a complex character who needs a special approach.
  • Conquer such a man will be able to girl with non-standard views on life, developed intelligence and good appearance.
  • Riddles and secrets always attract Scorpio, so the girl should not be completely revealed before him.
  • Loyalty and reliability for men are one of the main criteria for choosing a future spouse.