Dream interpretation

26 lunar day: what trends he shows


26 lunar day manifests passive energy, refers to the elements of the Earth. Of his lucky gems are called: orpigmenty, yellow jade, jadeite and chrysoprase. Lucky shades of the twenty-sixth lunar days are: blue, aqua and azure. There are several known symbols of the day: the Frog, the Swamp, the Omut and the Bog. Angel of the day - Fargas.

General characteristics of the 26 lunar day

From the position of mysticism, Toad personifies a source of wisdom, just like a snake. However, do not expect that the 26th lunar day will pass easily and will bring you quick benefits, because this will not happen.

In case you lose control of the situation, you may be trapped in your vanity. You can not take an example from Narcissus, admire yourself and the work done: it is very easy to seduce and praise yourself.

The main task of this day is the following: take yourself in hand and do not enter into provocations. To facilitate their position, astrologers recommend to show the maximum of their moral and physical strength on the 26th day.

The situation is facilitated by a calm perception of what is happening, even a little indifferent. Do not forget about the slice of humor, which is always vital - this is a weapon from any jokes and troubles.

You can tune in to unexpected incidents: today promises to be rich in them. And even if you are a calm person by nature, you risk losing your emotions and losing your temper. The fact is that today, the emotional state is strongly influenced by different energy flows, it is possible that to cope with them will be problematic.

This is the biggest mission of the present day - to control your emotional sphere. Once having gone on about their own experiences, you risk subsequently being dragged into the abyss of negativity. No wonder that one of the symbols of the day is a swamp, you will begin to sink in the quagmire of your negative sides, and it will be very difficult to get out of it.

Love, relationship, marriage

The number is not too suitable to go down the aisle: the outcome does not exclude a cruel deception. Astrologers do not recommend to appoint today even the 2nd day of the wedding celebration, as otherwise scandals, conflicts, fights and other manifestations of negative aspects of human nature are possible.


Exercise regularly? 26 lunar day, the characteristic of the day speaks of the need to rest now or at least significantly reduce the load. The health area in this period is at risk, even a minor event can exacerbate chronic pathologies, plus various damages are not excluded.

But what is currently just not worth refusing yourself, so it is in massage sessions and various cosmetic procedures. They promise to bring excellent results.

Business work money

For business life 26 lunar day filled with danger. Stop now with any financial manipulations, do not enter into contracts, transactions and do not perform other trading operations. Astrologers warn of failure for any business related business. Even if at first glance an illusion is created that everything develops favorably.

At work, the number of conflicts is increasing, even very serious ones. If there is an opportunity today not to come to the office, to work from home, be sure to use it. If not, then at least try to carry out not too serious and responsible tasks.

On the 26th lunar day, ambition awakens, it is possible that one wants to argue, prove to others his position. Be prudent, give up arrogance, otherwise there will be big losses.

Haircut, coloring, manicure

In matters of beauty guidance, you need to be careful. Astrology experts advise you to refrain from visiting a beauty studio. Unless, of course, you want to subsequently suffer physically or survive a depressive state. And besides, the decreasing phase of the moon helps to slow down the growth of hairs.

Changing the color of the curls is allowed, however, only if you use a natural ink base and select shades that are completely close to the natural color. Due to this, personal chance will increase, and communication skills will improve.

For manicure and pedicure the number is neutral.


In the images of night dreams on the 26th of the moonlit night, the other side of the human personality is hidden - that sphere of the unconscious, which concerns negative habits and addictions.

In the nighttime dreams, it becomes clear who the individual will turn into if he does not manage to cope with his own shortcomings.

Ritual for 26 lunar day

Now it is recommended to engage in the analysis of their personal achievements. Take a few minutes today in order to honestly look at your life from the outside, to perform an analysis of your successes and failures.

At the same time, be careful in case you get too much praise in the current number. It is possible that this is just someone's insidious provocation. It is much more effective to personally engage in the "analysis of their flights." Thanks to what you will be able to say goodbye to illusions and realize how to achieve real (and not invented by yourself) success in the future.

For the gardener and the gardener

The twenty-sixth day of the moon cycle is imbued with completely passive energy. During this period of time, the vital forces in the plants descend from the top to the roots. For cultures, it's time to rest. What now you can do gardeners and gardeners?

  • go buy special tools and other items to facilitate the work;
  • carry out work involving the upper part of the crops: pruning, vaccination and other;
  • a successful battle with garden pests, as well as pathologies that destroy crops;
  • still nice to start to clean the leaves. At the same time, it is important that they are preserved in your area: spread them around the trees so that they take on the role of a natural base for their subsequent development;
  • Shows the work to prevent excessive drying of the soil.


Even if today has passed quietly, without emotional outbursts and quarrels, it is possible that in the evening you will feel some anxiety in your soul. She signals something important.

It is necessary to analyze the actions of the past lunar days in order to identify the reason for this. Perhaps someone was unfairly offended by you, perhaps you delivered negative emotions to someone or you were simply too critical of yourself.

Learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them in the future. It is necessary to take any life situation as a lesson, trying to learn from them as "excellent." After all, very soon, Mrs. Fortuna will put a fair mark in your "diary".

Tendencies of the twenty-sixth lunar day prohibit noisy fun, parties, and also places of a large gathering of people. What to do - sit all day behind seven locks? Not at all, extremes never bring anything good. Just remember the rule of the golden mean and listen to the voice of your heart.

Ask for help from the elements of these days - the Earth, and you can do it literally. For this purpose, go to nature, walk your feet on the carpet of green grass, collect a little earth in the bag. It will be great to plant a tree, and subsequently provide it with your care (remember to be sure of the landing site).

Diving in the swamp in search of a magic frog is not at all necessary, because the symbols of the day will find you themselves, if necessary. On the contrary, avoid communication with them now, and not only in the literal sense of the word, but also in the metaphorical one. Try to bypass the tenth dear any swamps and bogs.

From the universe on the 26th lunar day, one can expect peculiar strength tests. It is important to show maximum sincerity, to abandon evil intentions, and be solely "on the bright side." If you are still far from ideal, then at least start spiritually improving yourself.

It is extremely important to re-check any information received today. But even if you find out that you were deceived - do not make a fight, it is better to let go of the situation. Remember that every evil action will certainly return back to its sender, which, by the way, also happens with good deeds. This is a wonderful reason to add yourself a plus in karma, doing good work for the people around you - both your relatives and neighbors, as well as strangers.

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