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How to find out at home that you or loved one was bewitched


Sometimes a person gets into a situation when he is infinitely attracted to someone. It seems that a person is humiliated, treated in such a way that he should hate, but there is still insurmountable craving, and it is impossible to cope with it. Or your chosen one can not leave the former love alone, constantly talking about it. Involuntarily you begin to think about a love spell or a binding.

Love spell can completely change a person's life. Mistresses are often taken away from her husband's family in this way. Young girls in love bewitch a chosen one who doesn’t have feelings for them without even thinking about the consequences. Intervention in the energy sector always gives consequences, sometimes not the most pleasant and irreversible. But how to find out if there is a love spell on a person without attracting psychics and magicians?

How to find out that you were bewitched

There are several options for determining a love spell on a husband or any other person.

Human behavior

The easiest way to understand - monitor human behavior. The person will be in a confused state, the mood changes dramatically. In five minutes, a person may cry and laugh. Constantly talking about who bewitched. To any attempts to recognize the presence of a love spell reacts aggressively. If the customer spell disappears for a long time, the person begins to longing, falls into depression.

On a candle and decoration

It is necessary to take a candle and silver jewelry (it can be a ring, a chain, a bracelet, etc.). The candle must be lit, right hand to attach to the heart. Accordingly, in the left hand is a silver thing.

Closing your eyes, you need to try nothing to think about ten minutes. Throw away all the thoughts that burden you, relax.

After ten minutes you can open your eyes. If there is a love spell, then the candle will be restless, most likely, black drops will appear.

On chicken egg

It will take a very fresh egg. Purchased eggs in the store will not work. Perhaps you have friends who have a chicken, you can ask them for an egg or buy it from the market. Before proceeding to the diagnosis, check yourself if the egg is fresh. To do this, putting on the table, the egg must be twisted. If it rotates slowly, then the egg is suitable. If it turns quickly, it means that the egg is not very fresh, respectively, it is not suitable for the ceremony.

You need to take a photo of a person who you think may be a love spell. The egg must be rotated clockwise right in front of the photo. Then you need to take a bowl with plain water and break an egg into it. If the protein in the water is transparent, it means there was no love spell - you were mistaken. But if the protein is cloudy, the unpleasant smell is present, or the egg is generally rotten, then it is for sure.

On the water and the candle

Candle, bowl and water needed (either river or holy). The candle should be cut into small pieces. The pieces are folded into a ladle. In a bowl you need to pour water and put it in front of the photo. If a person himself wants to check if there is a love spell on him, it is better to do a ceremony in his presence instead of a photo. About three minutes, the wax in the ladle must be held over a person or a photograph. After this, the wax in the ladle needs something to melt and very quickly pour into the water.

Once in the water, the wax hardens immediately. Frozen wax should have an unusual shape. Wax should be taken out of the water and examined. If the piece is whole, the energy of the person is pure. But if the piece is a little broken, and the vodka is colored, there is a love spell and it must be removed.

Love protection

The love spell protection can be supplied with an amulet that you can make yourself. To do this you will need 6 white candles and 1 red. Ordinary candles are also suitable, but the previous version is slightly more efficient.

In addition, you will need a human comb and cloth (preferably white). Amulet is created on the departing moon from dusk to dawn.

At sunset you need to put in a circle 6 candles and one in the middle. In the middle also put a comb, wrapped in cloth. Candles should be set on fire in the same order as they were placed. After a whisper is pronounced a request that all evil forces leave the person and his sorrow leave.

Next, the candles are stewed in the reverse order. Then you need to take everything that was prepared for the ceremony, and bury it near any tree. Now, before dawn, you need to use a new comb.

From now on, the comb will be your amulet. Try not to give it. Firstly, hygiene is observed, and secondly, now this comb keeps your energy, it is better that it does not reach anyone.

There is also a simpler option.

The simple way to get rid

To get rid of a love spell, you need to create a good mood for a person. From birth, the person already had a talisman, which he eventually refused. What was that guardian? Favorite toy. The toy creates a good mood for the child, with it he feels protected. Favorite toy is something very dear. But, having matured, we all refuse this protection.

Now is the time to return it. No, no one forces you to look for a childhood toy and hang around with it everywhere. It is necessary to create a new one with your own hands. This may be a small doll or, for example, a shoe. Horseshoe can be purchased at the store and decorate it with something. The toy should not be heavy, so you can always carry it with you.

The main thing is not to forget that any magic can fix the church. If folk methods do not help, it is worth turning there. Surely there is help. If the church forces also do not save, there remains only one option - to turn to a specialist.

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