Dream interpretation

Why dream of cutting hair?


Hair is a symbol of human health and vitality. Soft silky and shiny curls attract the eye, fat and thin make a repulsive impression. How to interpret a dream with cutting locks - for good or for ill? Why dream of cutting hair?

General interpretation

Hair trimming is considered a bad omen, however, the interpretation of the plot of the dream always depends on the accompanying details and the dreamer's actions:

  • who cut the hair;
  • who had their hair cut off;
  • emotions while dreaming.

Rituals with shaving hair have always had a deep symbolism, it is worth remembering monastic tonsure. Circumcision curls - a break with the past, the beginning of a new life phase.

A dream in which a woman's hair is cutpromises problems in relationships with loved ones. It is likely separation. Hair is considered a symbol of female sexuality and attractiveness, so cutting locks doesn’t promise anything good in your personal life.

If the dreamer cuts her friend's hair, it symbolizes her insincere attitude and hypocrisy. Look closely at her and do not share your secrets.

Cut curls do it yourself - to financial problems that arise through their own fault. You do not know how to manage your money wisely, so you suffer from financial leaks and lack of funds.

Cut hair in a barber shop - to a major acquisition in life, thanks to strangers. However, if the barber made a sloppy haircut, you will suffer losses due to the actions of outsiders.

Cutting off hair to a stranger - you will be lucky in the intended case. If you forcibly cut the hair of a man - in reality you will gain power over him. Some dream books interpret this story as a desire to profit at someone else's expense.

Cut curls your own child - a symbol of excessive custody. Perhaps the mother in secret wants to see him always baby. These are not the right thoughts - let the child develop more independently.

If the cropped curls are seen by an elderly person in a dream, it symbolizes the tiredness of life and the desire to part with it.

Interpretation of dream books

Freund's Dream sees in hair cutting with his own hands a symbol of success. However, if the scissors break in the process of cutting, it foreshadows the break of friendly ties due to your reckless actions.

Dream Miller Considers hair as a symbol of life success, health and well-being. Accordingly, cutting the curls has the opposite meaning. To do a haircut at the hairdresser - to trouble in his personal life. Perhaps your incorrect break with your former lover is discussed behind your back.

Dream Vanga warns: cutting hair promises trouble. Shaving long hair - you have to sacrifice something valuable in life. However, if in a dream you saw a new beautiful hairstyle, it foreshadows changes in life. Whether these changes will be good or bad depends on your emotional perception of the new haircut.

Dream lynn He sees in the shaving of curls a signal to renew life. If you have not hesitated to make a radical update and change your life priorities for a long time, now is the right time. Do not be afraid to change.

Dream loft believes that this plot foreshadows the loss of a large sum of money. However, circumcision of the hair strands with a sharp movement foreshadows deliverance from the painful experiences associated with past events in life.


If interpretations indicated in the interpreter are not related to your life situation. shaving hair in a dream may express a state dangerous to the health of a woman. Check with the doctor just in case, because it is in the hair lies the feminine strength and energy. Cutting the strands of hair - to the deterioration of health, weakness and malaise.

On the other hand, hair is considered a carrier of information about a person, so a short haircut after suffering heavy events symbolizes parting with the past. If you had a dream after experiencing stress, you should strengthen your nervous system and take care of your general well-being.

If you cannot part with traumatic circumstances for a long time, abruptly stop communicating with unpleasant people - cross them out of your life. Go to the hairdresser and update your image.