Dream interpretation

Why dream of gold in a dream?


Interpreters disagree. Some argue that gold symbolizes evil and negative, others see in this symbol dizzying success and happiness. Why dream of gold in a dream? Because the interpretation depends on the many nuances that are present in the dream picture. Let us examine the question in detail.

Popular interpretation of dreams about gold

Gold is a symbol of value, value and wealth. However, not all gold in a dream can be endowed with this meaning, for example, fake gold bears a negative aspect, as well as bent or spoiled gold products. Also the symbol of gold is deceit, seduction or cunning.

The plots of dreams about gold can be different:

  • beautiful precious items;
  • broken or damaged gold jewelry;
  • unexpectedly find gold bars or jewelery;
  • steal or buy gold products;
  • other storylines.

Gold jewelry in the form of rings - earrings, bracelets, rings, chains of links - foreshadow wedding. If the jewelry was pressed on the fingers or the movement was hampered, the new family will not have a sweet time. If you feel comfortable in the decorations, life in a new family will be secured and relaxed.

The image of gold jewelry, which flaunts on another person, foreshadows joyful events in the life of the dreamer. This interpretation is relevant only in the absence of envy of the wealth and happiness of other people. If the dreamer is hurt and injured by the well-being of others, sleep denotes depression due to the luck of loved ones or acquaintances.

See a lot of gold jewelry on other people - to great envy, disappointment and deception. However, to admire gold ornaments on other people and worry that they did not get to you - to great success and unexpected profits.

See gold on the shelves of a jewelry store - to great opportunities. This story may foreshadow a desired marriage for a young girl, and a married woman a divorce and a new love with great opportunities in marriage.

Hang yourself with ornaments and bathe in gold - to disease, envy, evil eye, or even damage. If you demonstrate your virtues, the envious ones can cruelly take revenge.

If a gold is in your house, it portends a serious illness. The disease will leave an imprint on the external image of the dreamer, for example, hepatitis. Such a dream can foreshadow a fatal outcome or a cancerous tumor to sick people. It is especially dangerous to eat from golden dishes.

If you have stole gold, expect deception and separation from dear people. This promises a loss of trust, love, honor and dignity. However, in some cases, the dream promises deliverance from the bad in life if it haunted the dreamer.

Steal gold - you are not able to achieve the desired by legal means. Sometimes this plot says that a person is not appreciated by others, does not notice his talents and merits. If the dreamer wants to gain honor and glory, insurmountable obstacles stand in his way.

Gold Finds

Why dream find gold? Suddenly, finding gold in a dream promises jealousy from the environment, and for poor people even more disastrous. Most likely, you will have to part with the expensive thing in order to ensure its existence. However, this interpretation does not relate to the discovery of a golden shiny coin: in this case, the dreamer will have great luck.

Chains and bracelets in dreams, they symbolize bonds and duties. If a gold chain was found, even in a torn form, the dream foreshadows success and an unexpected source of income. However, sadness will come with joy: inconvenience from imposed obligations. This may be a loan with high interest rates or indentured contract terms.

If a gold chain is found in a dream guy, it promises to meet with an ugly girl for a favorable place or favorable living conditions. An ugly, but very wealthy girl will poison his life and limit his freedom.

For girl to find a gold chain - to marry according to the calculation without love. However, the attractive appearance of gold jewelry indicates the presence of the excellent personal qualities of her chosen one. That is, the person will be secured and good, but the girl's heart will not respond to his love.

Married woman the discovery of gold jewelry promises a meeting with another man, for the sake of which she will part with her husband. If the dreamer found the chain and broke it in a dream, it means that she divorces her husband for the sake of a free lifestyle.

What does the finding of broken jewelry or pieces of gold? This story foreshadows sadness, problems and tears. To find one earring in a dream - to an active search for one’s half, or a woman would dare to take her husband away from someone else’s family.

Interpretation of dream books

Dream Miller. A vision of gold in a dream promises success. If gold is stolen from you, be prepared to lose what is dear. For a young girl, theft promises a profitable marriage, but with a mean and greedy man. To lose gold - do not take advantage of the chance.

Develop a mine - to a difficult but honorable case. To wash sand in a dream - to the temptation of easy money, to steal - to infringe upon the rights of others, to buy - to great hassle. To see the gold placer - to envy and falsehood, nuggets - to talented descendants, gold in the water - to the malice of the hater.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova. A jewel box warns you of an exaggeration of hope for anything. Find gold in a dream - do not be credulous, dig up from the ground - to self-realization. If gold is bound together with silver, to deception in love. Decoration as a gift - beware of false compliments. If a woman gives jewelry to a man, Alfons will soon appear in her life.

Losing / selling gold means liberation from illness or old offense. Gold dust dreams of wealth, extracted by hard work. Collect gold from the floor - to humiliation for the sake of profit. Hiding jewelry in the cache - to the trouble of their own stupidity.