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The value of the number 9 in numerology


Numerology is a fairly exact science. Each digit in it is given a special, individual meaning. Now we analyze the number 9 in numerology. The value of this figure can not be considered personally. First, you need to make a calculation of the date of birth to determine how many nines, how they are located. And only after that you can talk about the characteristics of the number.

Calculation of date of birth and drawing up a numerological map

The algorithm is as follows (at each stage, write the resulting figure):

  1. First you need to write the date of birth in the format 16101991
  2. Then add all the numbers from the line: 1 + 6 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 28.
  3. We got a two-digit number, and we need another one-digit one. Therefore, we continue to add: 2 + 8 = 10, 1 + 0 =1
  4. Then, from the originally obtained amount of 28, 2 should be subtracted to those born before 2000: 28-2 = 26. Those born after 2000 do not take away 2, but add 19.
  5. Then we add two numbers and we get a finite number: 2 + 6 = 8 (if the number is two-digit, leave)
  6. Then from all the numbers and numbers recorded during the calculation of the table. The numbers must be entered into it in a certain order:

Consider the calculation on a specific example. Example: your birth date is October 16, 1991. Then the calculation should look like this:

  • 16.10.1991 = 28 = 1
  • -2
  • 26 = 8

Total we get the numbers 16101991, 28, 1, 26, 8.









The calculation is over! In our example we got two nines (99). You may not have any nines at all or there will be a different number. The value of the number 9, depending on these factors will be discussed below.

The value of nines in numerology

Nine is the last figure in the calculation. It completes the number series. Similarly, in the characterization of a person's personality, it seems to make a point, summarizes and is the final touch.

Each figure in classical numerology is a characteristic of certain personal qualities. The higher the numbers, the brighter these qualities appear. As for the number 9, in numerology it means and is responsible for such features as:

  • flexibility in relation to other people, behavioral cunning;
  • pliability required for the realization of their own goals;
  • cunning, the ability to find an approach and like a profitable and useful person.

In a word, nine is the ability to behave correctly in a particular situation, when the result depends on your actions, and it should be beneficial to you. A person with a large number of nines is one who clearly sets and understands his goals, behaves correctly, so that he always finds himself in an advantageous position.

Detailed Values

We have already said that the characterization of the personality by the number "9" will depend on the number of nines in your calculation. Normally 2 nines are considered in the table (as in the example). Other values ​​- deviations from the norm, but they can show what features of your personality need to be adjusted.

One nine

People with one nine do not have enough cunning, flexibility, pliability. In the character of such people, stubbornness and persistence prevail (do not confuse with perseverance). They also often fail to achieve their goals, stopping literally a few steps. Slowly react to external changes.

Affected by others. If someone looks unkindly or unfavorably speaks about the intended business, the person may well give up his plans and take on something else. Therefore, often, even having done a great job, they abandon their plans, switching to other ideas.

Because of stubbornness, there may be problems in relationships with others. A man with one nine usually has many complaints about friends and family, but rarely speaks out loud. Therefore, the "guilty" are often unaware of their sins. "Odnovetochik" - the same unbearable man who is able to take offense at what is unknown and walk for weeks for sulking.

Often there are problem situations at work due to the inability to complete the job. Because of this, often bonuses and other cash bonuses go to colleagues and competitors who have tried harder.

Usually live emotions, relationships, they are extremely important. More important than material things, career, home improvement.

Three nines and more

The number of nines, exceeding the norm, is three or more. This is the opposite extreme. In a person with three to six nine, the typical “nine” qualities are not just developed, but hypertrophied. These are sly, cunning people, it is about them that they say “this slippery type”. Professional players, actors, adventurers, scammers, manipulators are from this category.

When dealing with a multi-couch person, it is often difficult to understand when he is serious and when he is joking. When telling the truth, and when lying. They are talented, able to play any image when it is required to suit their interests.

Very fussy, live in constant haste. They are focused on results, they dream to get maximum results with minimum effort. And get what they want. But often, in pursuit of the fulfillment of large desires, small ones are forgotten.

They lie since childhood, but parents blame it on violent fantasy and developed figurative thinking. Strive to achieve the desired at any cost. True manipulators, see through people and know how to manage them. Observant, dodgy. But in a society it is usually invisible, do not like to stand out. Rather, everyone is being watched on the sly. They say about such people that they are "on their mind".

Another opinion on the meaning of the nine in numerology, see the video:

Two nines

This is the ideal and the norm. People with two nines are cunning enough, flexible and compliant. Therefore, relationships with others are usually beautiful. There are no global problems in relationships. Set goals and reach them, but do not go over their heads.