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Surely, the most common fortune-telling, which is resorted to by all the representatives of the fair sex - this is fortune-telling for the betrothed. All single girls are very interested to find out which prince their fate has prepared for them, therefore this method has been actively used for many centuries.

How to guess:
Focus and do not think about anything for 2-3 minutes. Free your mind. Imagine the future chosen one, your wedding, marriage. Start divination - draw 5 cards.

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Repeating fortune telling is possible, but better in 5-10 minutes.

We bring to your attention the time-tested ways of divination, which will show you the appearance, name and other signs of your future spouse.

Divination for a betrothed with a ring

You will need to find the most ordinary glass, having a flat bottom. It is not allowed to have pictures or faces on it.

One third of the glass must be filled with water and put a ring in it, having cleaned the latter in advance. Then you should diligently peer into the water, to see on it the outlines of the face of your future spouse. In this case, his face should appear in the center of the ring.

Divination is performed in a relaxed atmosphere so that no one will disturb you and distract from what is happening.

Christmas divination for the betrothed

This method of divination shows the highest result at Christmas and in the week of Christmas time.

Before 12 o'clock at night, you should prepare a mirror and bring several Christmas tree branches. Before you go to bed, write down in the mirror the name of the person you are interested in or your secret wish. The next morning, as soon as they wake up, they look at the mirror.

If the record disappears, it means the obligatory performance of the desired, and also foreshadows you a quick marriage. And if no changes have happened - everything in your life will remain the same as it was.

But know that this will become a bad omen for the person whose name is inscribed on the mirror. For this reason, before you begin to perform divination, it is worth a while to think carefully. In addition, you can always use your wish instead of a name.

Find out other interesting ways of divination from this video.

Herbal telling

If you are interested in collecting herbs and you like to do herbal preparations for the winter, you can use this effective fortune telling.

You will need to stock up on twelve varieties of different herbs. For each of them come up with a certain desire, what are you waiting for in the sphere of personal relations for the near future.

To do this, take a piece of paper and write on them everything that you dream about or that you fear.

For example, "This year I meet my soul mate," "I will be alone all year long," "I will marry my beloved," and so on.

Then you will need to carefully attach each strip to the flower. Then, when this manipulation is complete, tie your eyes with a ribbon and randomly pull out a flower with a note. Written in it will be realized during the current year.

Divination by the name of the future spouse

This method is very simple and easy to do in life. You will need to stock up with a few leaves of paper, each one is written any name of a man. Lower the sheets into any container (you can use a cap for this purpose).

Then you need to shake the leaves and pull out one of them to choose from. The name that you pull out, and speak the name of your future spouse.

Rice grain fortune telling

Take a jar of rice, place it in front of you. You need to hold your left hand over it so that the palm is facing down. Mentally concentrate on your request, and then ask it out loud.

Then pull out a handful of rice from the container and scatter on a spread napkin. Count the fallen rice grains.

If there are an odd number of them, it means that you receive a negative answer to your question from the Higher Forces, and if it is an even number, the answer is positive.

Bulb Guessing

It is necessary to take the bulbs, on each of them put the name of the probable groom with a felt-tip pen or paints. Then all the onions are placed in jars of water, and wait until one of them begins to germinate.

That onion that will sprout first and represents the winner of the tournament. So, your spouse will be called exactly as indicated on it.

There are very interesting variations of divinations for your future spouse on night dreams.

Fortune telling with a comb

When you are going to go to sleep, you must put a comb with a mirror under your pillow and say these words at this moment:

"My condemned, my disdainful, come to me in a dream and comb my hair."

The main condition of the described method is to go to bed with uncombed curls.

Fortune telling with a lock

Only girls with long hair will be able to use this method. Guessing is that before going to bed you will need to braid yourself a braid. And when you are already falling asleep, pass the new lock into the braid, lock it with a key and say the following:

"My dear, mumbled, come to me in a dream, ask for the key and unlock the lock."

After that, the key is sent under the mattress, and wait until your betrothed comes to you in the night dream.

Divination with water

There is another interesting way of divination for the future husband with water. Before going to bed you will need to put a jug of water and a mug at the head of the bed. And before you fall asleep, say aloud these words:

"You will tire out of the path-path, my condemned one, I have fresh water, come to me, I will give you drink of it."

Then you are baptized thrice and can go to bed in peace. After that, in a dream your future spouse should appear to you and ask you for a drink of water.

There are so many different divinations for the future spouse. The main thing in this process is a sincere belief in a positive result and the observance of all the rules of divination. Also, the highest result is given by divinations performed in the days of Christmas, as at this time our world is in close contact with the otherworldly, and it becomes possible to obtain hidden information.