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Elder Futhark - definition and meaning of runes


The Elder Futhark is an ancient runic alphabet that includes symbols invented by German and Scandinavian peoples. And it is precisely the "senior" that is considered to be futark, which contains only the Old Germanic runes. Consider the main characters of senior futarka and analyze their meaning.

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List of runes

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Runa Fehu

Runa Uruz

Runa Thurisaz

Rune ansuz

Runa Raido

Runa Kenaz

Runa Gebo

Rune vuno

Runa Hagalaz

Fleece Nautyz

Runa Isa

Runa Yera

Runa Eyvaz

Rune perth

Runa Algiz

Runa Soulu

Runa Teyvaz

Rune berkana

Runa Evaz

Rune mannaz

Runa Laguz

Runa Inguz

Runa Odal

Runa Dagaz

Runes senior futarka

There are 24 total characters in senior futarka. They are divided into three equal groups of groups called ettami. Briefly describe the meaning of the runes of the elder Futorka.

Senior futark: the runes of the first etta

Includes the following runic symbols:

  1. Fehu. The symbol of material well-being, expressed in money, property, connections. In a negative sense, can mean serious financial losses, career failures, the loss of an influential patron.
  2. Uruz. The embodiment of physical strength, speed and endurance. Symbol of vital energy, good health, wisdom. In a negative sense, can mean illness, decline in vitality.
  3. Turisaz. Rune is patronized by the god Thor - the god of war and destruction. Therefore, the rune is a symbol of colossal destruction. In a positive sense, it is the destruction of all that is old and unnecessary, hindering progress.
  4. Raido. Symbol of travel, long trips, luck and good luck. Helps a person become successful and realized. In a negative sense - the personification of stagnation, stagnation, degradation of the human person
  5. Ansuz. It helps to become sociable, teaches communication with people and mutual understanding, gives wisdom. In a negative sense - manipulations to the detriment of others, which are bad for the manipulator itself
  6. Kenaz. The symbol of creative energy aimed at creation, the discovery of something new, the personification of love and passion
  7. Gebo. Symbol of rich gifts, partner love relationships. Negatively indicates a dependent position on another person.
  8. Vuno. The embodiment of harmony and happiness. The ability to find pleasure and joy in simple things. In a negative sense - pessimism, despondency, energy vampirism

Runes of the second etta

The runes of the second etta are patronized by the goddess Heimdal. Briefly tell about the meaning of each character:

  1. Hagalaz. Means obstacles, difficulties, problems. But not in negative terms - these are the tests that develop the personality, temper the will and character. "Useful crisis"
  2. Nautiz. The symbol of hard life trials - poverty, loneliness, restrictions. At the same time, the rune helps to develop colossal endurance and find happiness, find the meaning of life and learn to appreciate what you have.
  3. Isa- psychological clips, complexes and restrictive personality development. It may be old-time insults that a person does not let go, because of which he cannot move forward. Runa indicates the need to understand their inner world
  4. Yera- the long-awaited result that a person will receive, thanks to his long and hard work. Material reward, harvest, moral satisfaction. In a negative sense, delays and stops
  5. Eyvaz- stability in all senses. In personal life, work, friendship, development. The man knows what is going on, he correctly set goals. Therefore, any wind for it will be fair
  6. Perth- A very female fleece, which enhances reproductive abilities, has a good effect on women's health, brings joy and happiness to life
  7. Algiz- indicates the presence in the life of an influential patron, a strong defender. In a negative sense, a person is completely alone in a hostile world.
  8. Soulu- the personification of success, incredible vitality, good health. In a negative sense, success is apparent, invented. Happiness can collapse like a house of cards

The value of the runes of the third Etta

The runes of the third Etta are under the patronage of the god Tire and have the following meanings:

  1. Teyvaz- a symbol of leadership, colossal power, but used exclusively for good purposes, and not for the sake of their own interests. In a negative sense - injustice, serious conflicts
  2. Berkana- the personification of rapid growth, both physical and spiritual. This is a love of life and constantly striving to improve its quality. In a negative sense - problems in relationships, nervous breakdown, uncontrolled behavior
  3. Evaz- a symbol of stable, but not too rapid growth, advancement along the career ladder, improvement of the material situation, the creation of a family. In a negative context, hasty behavior that hurts
  4. Mannaz- the personification of the personality, the inner world, the Ego. Symbol of harmony with oneself, developed spiritual potential, a high degree of awareness
  5. Laguz- female fleece. It is used for magical rituals in which you need to enlist the support of the energy of Water
  6. Inguz - a symbol of home, matrimonial strong love, warmth and care that only relatives and friends can give
  7. Dagaz- means the gap between the completion of one stage of development and the beginning of a new one. Crossroads, the time interval after the implementation of the old goals and before setting new ones
  8. Otila- the symbol of the Sort. The personification of loyalty to relatives, motherland. Symbol of duty, honor and dignity. It also means safety and the presence of moral principles and fundamental spiritual values.

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Runes are powerful magic characters that must be handled with extreme care. They are used for divination, complex magic rituals. Each rune has its own, special meaning, which can change. Read the detailed properties of each character in the articles in the "Runes" section.