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Conspiracies and prayers from diseases


Currently, many people are disappointed in traditional medicine, which is slowly killing us with harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, it is not always able to cure the disease. Therefore, many have a desire to learn about alternative methods of treatment, which our ancestors knew very well. First of all, it is, of course, various prayers and plots from diseases.

If you do not trust the traditional treatment, then you should try to use the conspiracies, which we will discuss in this article.

Features of reading prayers and conspiracies

1. The effectiveness of such treatment will be much higher if you believe in it.

  1. You can not use the power of conspiracies for the sake of their material gain It is necessary to have a pure soul and good intentions.
  2. There is a chance to take on the negative energy of the disease. This is especially true of severe karmic ailments, which the patient has provoked by his behavior. In such cases, energy protection is required. But it is better that this is done by a professional in this field. After all, if you are dealing with damage or a curse, the consequences for you can be very negative.
  3. Do not forget that the disease is always easier to prevent than to treat it. Read more often conspiracies on the health of your loved ones, and diseases will bypass you.

7 plots for healing from diseases

On a shirt

Take the unwashed shirt of the man who fell ill. Take it to a deserted place, on nature. Outsiders should not be there. Read the words of the conspiracy over the sick thing and burn it. You can not wait until it burns completely. Leaving, it is impossible to look back. For the whole day you must remain silent - this is an indispensable condition of the ceremony. A ritual is held on any day except Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Rite of passage to the water

Early in the morning on an odd day, head to the flow pond. Before this you can not comb, eat food to talk. You need to cross the water three times and speak loudly:

Fast recovery on a waning moon

The ritual is performed at night with the waning moon. Looking at the moon you need to say:

In female diseases

Be sure to help with any problems, if you do everything by the rules. At sunrise, you need to take half a liter of clean water, put a silver cross into the water and leave it on the windowsill until tomorrow morning. At dawn the next day, tie a head with a new scarf, cross over three times and pull the cross out of the water. Holding a container with water in your hands, read “Our Father” three times, then - the words of prayer to Saint Panteleimon. Now go to the conspiracy:

It must be read 6 times, set aside water and cross three times. Splash water over yourself from top to bottom. Drink the remaining water three sips at a time in one day.

For skin diseases

Buy a red cloth and rub the damaged skin with it 12 times every evening. At the same time, read the following conspiracy against diseases:

On the thirteenth day in the waning moon, go to the cemetery, where people are no longer buried. At the entrance you need to say loudly:

Throw away the cloth with which you rubbed the skin with your right hand. Leave the cemetery, do not look back, do not talk to anyone. Come home, wash your hands. After that you can talk.

In childhood diseases

The cause of frequent diseases in children is a reduced immunity and weakening of protection on thin planes. This ritual will help strengthen the magical protection of the child. It is necessary to pour clean water into a transparent container and lower the silver cross there for one day. After a day, take the container with water with two hands, stand in the center of the empty room, and read the text:

The child should drink this water three drops every three hours. Water can be added to any drink or drink yourself. Spray the baby’s room clockwise, and every corner, pour it on the threshold and on the window sill. When bathing a baby, add it to the bath.

Old Slavonic conspiracy against any disease

It is read 3, 9, 12 or 16 times. It is considered universal, suitable for the treatment of various diseases.

In this article we looked at a lot of strong conspiracies and prayers aimed at healing. We also recommend watching an interesting video: