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How to charm a guy without consequences - the rituals of white magic


How to charm a guy without consequences? This will help the rites of white magic with the call of the light forces - the Virgin, Archangels or elements. Rites do not break the will of man, but awaken the response feelings. However, it should be remembered that the guy should be familiar with you - a love spell on a stranger will not work. As a young man should feel friendly to you, and not show demonstrative indifference or hatred.

Rite with apple

The magical effect is performed on a growing moon or on a full moon on Friday. Buy a beautiful apple without change or calculation, bring it home. Put an apple behind the icon of the Virgin and read to her the prayers you know. Light a church candle. Then go outside the house and say three times:

If the apple goes bad, it means that you are not destined to be together, or the guy loves another girl. If the apple is dry, you need to bury it under the fruit tree. It is better if it is an apple tree.

If the guy responds to the action of the ceremony, fix the result of another ceremony - for example, loyalty to the beloved. Our Lady gives you a chance to start a relationship, but you must take care of the future fate of the relationship yourself.

Love spell

To bewitch a guy without a photo, you need to go outside and find a quiet place where you can make a small fire. Bring a white egg and throw it in the fire. When the smoke goes, say:

Speak as many times as there is smoke. Put in your words all the power of love, your desire for a young man. Believe that the ceremony can help in your relationship, and the smoke will convey words of love to the heart of the beloved. After that, fill the fire place with earth and go home.

Love spell on the last Friday of the year

On the last Friday of the outgoing year, you need to turn to the morning dawn, getting up before anyone else in the house. When you wake up, do not wash or drink tea - light a red candle, look at the dawn through the window and read the plot three times:

You should not be embarrassed by the word "husband" - so used to call all men. The action of the ceremony - no more than six months. Then you will need to hold any other rite of love or loyalty to men.

Love spell on birch

For this ceremony you need to prepare in advance:

  • a piece of birch bark;
  • small carnations - 40 pieces;
  • red floss threads;
  • hammer and pencil.

On the growing moon, take the bark and draw a heart on it with a pencil, inside you can write the name of the beloved. Take the carnations and drive along the contour of the heart, for each carnation you need to say the conspiracy words:

Conspiracy should be pronounced on each stud. However, it is not necessary to drive a nail up to the cap, approximately to the middle. Next, take the floss threads and braid a pattern on them on the nails and say:

You will have a powerful talisman for love. Hide the product among your belongings and do not show it to anyone. When the beloved is near you, burn the talisman with gratitude.

Love spell spring

How to charm a guy without consequences at home? This will help the natural forces. For the ceremony, a tulip bulb and 21 pins should be purchased. All items need to buy on the growing moon.

At noon, insert 7 pins in the bulb, on each pin, read the love words:

When you pierce a bulb with a pin, imagine that the thought of love pierces the head of the beloved. After 7 pins are in the bulb, put it in the sun - let it dry. The next day, at the same time, repeat the ceremony and stick 7 more pins into the onion. So you need to do three days in a row.

On the fourth day, bury the bulb under the roots of the "male" tree, that is, it can be a poplar or an oak, a hornbeam or ash. Just do not birch, pine or willow. The rite will help to fall in love with the right person, however, for no more than six months. In the future, you need to do another spell.

The spell on the bridal bouquet

If a loved one does not think about the wedding, you can hurry him to make this important decision. For the ceremony will require a real bridal bouquet, which should get you. How you get it is not important. You can agree in advance with a friend's bride about this, you can try to catch a bouquet when the bride throws it over her shoulder.

At home, put the bouquet in an empty vase so that it dries. Attach a plot to a bouquet:

When the flowers are dry, remove a few petals from the bouquet. Go to the river and throw the bouquet into the water with the words:

Come home, powder the petals with a mortar. Now you need to pour the powder into your favorite clothes pocket or shoes. If there is a car, pour under the seat or in the glove compartment. The best option would be a pillow on which he sleeps. When you pour, say:

Soon the guy will make you an offer.

Love spell with forget-me-nots

How to charm a guy with white magic without consequences? This love spell is done in the summer when forget-me-nots grow. Narvite small bouquet and bring home. All actions are carried out only on the growing moon. At home, pour into a ceramic or clay bowl of fresh water and put flowers. Watch how they fill with moisture and come to life. Read every day a conspiracy for forget-me-not three times:

Let forget-me-nots lie in this bowl for three days, and then take it and throw it into the river - the water from the bowl must also be poured into the river and once again read the plot.

Take the bowl home and take care not to break. When the spell comes into effect, break it under your feet. Shards should be taken to the place where they collected flowers, and bury.

Love spell in a stormy night

This rite is held only during a thunderstorm, so prepare in advance three candles of red color and write down the plot words on paper in red ink. Wait for the summer / spring thunderstorm, turn off the lights in the room and light three candles. Read the plot three times on a piece of paper and burn it on the flame of candles:

Now look at the flame of candles and imagine your loved one. When the candles burn out completely, the cinder will need to be buried under any tree, but not dry. The ash from the burnt paper, develop in the wind.

Candle full moon

For this ceremony you need three thin church candles. Stay alone and tune in to the magic. Think of a sweetheart, imagine the desired scenes of love. Light two candles, set them on the table.

Take the third candle in your hands and hold, keep thinking about the beloved. Close your eyes, heat the wax in your hands - it will become supple and soft. Slowly turn the candle into a ring, continuing to think about your beloved. During this action, read the plot:

Now open your eyes, melt the tips of the candles on the fire and attach them tightly to each other. You got a ring - a symbol of love and unity. Keep this talisman in a secluded place. Sometimes you can take a ring in your hands and think about your beloved. Soon you will be together.