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Energy by date of birth: how to calculate it


Human energy is a supply of vitality and energy possessed by a particular person. We can increase our energy in various ways (described in detail in another article). But there are certain limitations - each person by nature has his own energy potential, which cannot change significantly. In this article we will describe how energy is determined by date of birth.

When a person is sufficiently filled with vital energy, he feels self-confident. This is a man-leader who does not worry about the opinions of others about himself. He generates various ideas and actively implements them. Such individuals are distinguished by their natural behavior, the direct expression of their feelings and emotions.

From nature, a great energy potential is received by extraordinary, creative people who act as sources of fresh ideas and are able to share their energy with others. These are wonderful storytellers, they always have plenty of fans, they easily establish connections with new people at the expense of their politeness, charm and goodwill.

A strong energy field is also manifested in certain external features:

  • characterized by thin lips;
  • massive chin;
  • thick eyebrows;
  • wide jaw;
  • in most cases such people are dark-haired;
  • dark-eyed people have a very strong aura.

Day, month, year and even time of birth has a huge impact on the whole subsequent life of a person. The concept we are talking about now is also known as "bioenergy". To date, there is even such a profession - bioenergy. Experts in this field are able to trace the connection between a particular person, numbers, the Universe, and so on.

Bioenergy (based on numerology) found that the date of birth is able to shed light on the energy potential of a person. Having resorted to simple mathematical calculations, it is realistic to make a forecast of future events for a specific period of life. Also, these data are used to plot the life curve and monitor changes in the graph. The more energy a person has, the higher the curve will be, respectively.

We suggest you calculate your level of vital energy using the following method.

How is it going calculation of energy

  1. Remember the date of his birth. For example, May 25, 1994.
  2. Write down the first number - in his capacity is the year of birth - 1994.
  3. The second number is formed by the ordinal number of the month of birth and by day - 0525.

Note! If the birthday is formed by a single number (for example, nine), then write down the second number in this way - 809.

  1. Now multiply the first number by the second = 1994 * 0525 = 1,046,850.
  2. After that, we calculate the sum of all digits of the resulting number:

1+0+4+6+8+5+0= 24.

The number that came out is the human bioenergy potential (E) and demonstrates how much vitality (energy) he has.

And now the most interesting - find out who you are:

  • energy vampire - E less than twenty;
  • a normal person - the values ​​of E will range from twenty to thirty;
  • energy donor - has an energy potential of thirty or more.

Regardless of the natural energy balance, we all have periods in our lives when we are in a weakened state and need additional energy. In this case, the person unknowingly begins to "vampire" others.

At the same time, normal people and donors begin to feel uncomfortable. But donors, E of which exceed the mark "thirty three" are able to be recharged with cosmic energy or fed with energy from nature. They generously give vitality to others, people tend to be close to them to feed off energy.

You may know the state when the forces start to leave, as if someone is blowing you away like a balloon. You fully eat, sleep for a sufficient number of hours, do physical activity, but internally you still feel tired. The symptoms described above describe the state of outflow of vital energy: you seem to be doing everything to replenish it, but it is becoming less and less.

Why it happens? You need to analyze your behavior and lifestyle, because the reason is in something, but in what - this we are now trying to install.

So, cause a strong loss of energy can:

  1. Experiencing guilt feelings. In this way, your conscience speaks to you, representing our most stringent judge throughout life. Conscience delivers serious psychological discomfort, because of which energy is wasted.

If you try to drown out the voice of conscience - you will encounter the exact opposite result and even greater deterioration of the situation. Outwardly, this will also manifest itself in the form of a deterioration in the financial situation. The most reasonable solution in this case is to find an internal compromise by yourself.

  1. Insults also lead to energy shortages. The most popular option is resentment towards parents, who are likely to drag on from childhood. If a person cannot even let go of the past and forgive his parents as an adult, this will greatly influence various aspects of his life.

What kind of relationships were in your parental family will have an impact on your own family model. And the persistent perennial grievances affect people in the most negative way, they contribute to exhaustion, both emotional and energetic.

  1. Psychological discomfort, which provokes energy losses, may be caused by other negative emotions: fear, fear of uncertainty, anxiety, disappointment and heartache.
  2. Envy - causes a lot of controversy among experts regarding its effect on the human body. One part of specialists distinguishes envy as a motivating emotion that can accelerate the achievement of success, set concrete goals in life for a person.

And the second category is sure that jealousy destroys us from the inside, forcing us to rapidly lose energy.

  1. Strong sense of duty - This is another source of energy hole. Many people in their lives do not what they want, but what they need. But from this they become deeply unhappy, losing energy on a colossal scale.
  2. The loss of a large amount of vitality (energy) goes to never-ending doubts regarding the correctness of their own actions. A person torments himself with various life dilemmas and becomes energetically more vulnerable. Learn to seek inner harmony and not depend on life circumstances.
  3. Unfinished business also draw down our energy. They act as a brake for further action.
  4. As a result unfinished minor cases there is a notorious routine. It eventually accumulates and turns into a real disaster. Subsequently, we drown in a huge number of unfinished business, actively sucking our vitality.
  5. Availability constant anxiety and unrest also not in the most positive way affects the state of our energy balance. Often, at the same time, we are worried about real trifles - the slanting glance of someone from the passers-by, thoughts of those around you, and so on.

We have listed the main internal causes of energy losses. And there are also external ones, including communication with energy “bloodsuckers”, which are bores, whiners, idlers, losers, victims and the sick, maniacs, and also ideological fighters. Contacting with them, you become energetically weaker.

Therefore, you should surround yourself with positive-minded people, try to always be in a good mood, finish what you have started in time, not worry about your future (or rather, worry, but within reasonable limits), cleanse yourself from your internal negative emotions (resentment, anger, aggression, and so on ) and then your energy field will increase every day.

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