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How to return the love of her husband and the former, faded passion


Many years after marriage, they realize with horror that they want to return those times when her husband cared for her, gave gifts and literally carried them in his arms. Always after saturated and hot relationships begins those that are distinguished by their regularity, calmness and seriousness. Turbulent passions irrevocably fade into the background, but not everyone wants to put up with it. It happened in my life, but fortunately I was able to return something without which many marriages simply fall apart.

Is it possible to return the love of her husband, if she passed?

The love that a man once experienced can be returned, but it is extremely difficult to do. Psychologists begin with the fact that human behavior depends on the internal state. Often a woman begins to care only about her husband, children, order and way of life, and completely forgets about herself. Love for yourself goes away and then you should not expect it from someone from the outside. Do not even try to return the love of her husband, if you yourself have long forgotten how to love yourself. It is very important to understand that self-love and egoism are completely different things.

Psychologists speak of the existence of another extreme. In this case, the wife always looks perfect, she has a manicure, ironed dress and daily styling, but for whom does she do it? For myself? Not always, she usually does it only for a man and for his sake, and in this case it’s not about self-love. It would seem a completely different position, and the result will be the same.

The situation is much more complicated when you want to return your husband, but he already fell in love with another. It would seem that you can change in this case, the man went to the other and his love now belongs only to her, it is already impossible to return it. But this is far from the case! Psychologists insist that this is just the next stage of the problem, when the husband stopped loving his spouse. The main key in any situation to return your man is only the woman herself. The main thing to do is to return your interest in your own person, the rest is a matter of time.

How to return male love and attention?

Let's start with the question of whether you yourself love your husband? And do not think about daily care, we are talking about the most real love. It is completely illogical to wrestle with how to return male love, if there is practically no feeling for it towards itself. Before you begin to return the love of her husband, consider his personality and think about how much you need this love.

Psychologists say that in order to return love, the following aspects should be considered in more detail:

  • self-development;
  • own perception;
  • their behavior towards the man.

Self development

A woman should remember how long she tried to learn something new. To master not just new information, but one that will be interesting and useful for her. Self-development should not contribute to growth in the eyes of a partner or others, it should help a woman to become better. Psychologists say that if a woman stops her own self-development because of some business or any other nonsense, the problems will undoubtedly start climbing out in all areas of her life. In the absence of his own self-development, the love of a man cannot be returned.

Own perception

It is worth thinking about who you are, who you perceive yourself and why you are. These basic questions help professionals understand how much a woman loves and perceives herself. Each of the three questions can be written on a sheet of 5 points.

Female behavior

Psychologists firmly believe that the abnormal behavior in the family is marked by excessive care of one partner over the infantile spouse. In this case, couples begin to be mother-son or father-daughter alliances. Such relationships are dependent on each other and they will surely lead to failure.

In the pair of "son-mother" woman begins to patronize a man, who is usually distinguished by its irresponsibility. These men usually have a similar characteristic:

  • requires constant attention and company;
  • not able to make independent decisions;
  • indicates that someone, someone, something obliged;
  • manipulates people to get what they want.

Wives in this pair have the following characteristics:

  • the constant desire to do everything for her husband;
  • obsessive behavior;
  • frequent resentment;
  • appeal to conscience.

In a pair of "father-daughter" roles will be completely opposite to the previous one. The man remains the main, and the woman plays the role of a weak, sometimes even stupid doll. Husbands in this case:

  • constantly raising his wife;
  • supervises any activity of the woman;
  • makes emphasis wife's dependence on him.

For the wife in this case is typical:

  • frequent whims;
  • irresponsibility;
  • the requirement of understanding and caring for yourself.

How to ignite a passion that has faded?

Usually in the initial stages of a relationship, passion is so great that it completely overshadows the mind. After that comes the stage when it fades away and what to do at this very moment? The answer is extremely simple, because a woman already has experience of that behavior, when a man was dying of passion for her. Begin by remembering yourself when you really wanted closeness with your man.

If a woman starts thinking about herself and making love for her pleasure, too, she will no longer think about how to regain her former passion. The passion of a man will surely appear when he feels the feminine enjoyment of the process, rather than a sacrifice for the good of others on her part. Such victims very often lead to the destruction of the family, which is impossible to return.

Women who make love for men's pleasure belong to a separate group. It is important to remember that a couple should have sex, but not just one husband. A man will receive an award for his work in 97%, but a woman should think about herself.

Summing up, it is worth listing the advice of psychologists on the issue of the return of passion in relationships:

  • rethink your own attitude towards your husband, because excitement comes from the brain, but not from the genitals;
  • pay attention to your appearance, dirty hair and a wilted appearance will not give the man enthusiasm;
  • overcome your own fears and complexes, discuss the issue of sex with your husband;
  • make a variety, do not exclude experiments in your intimate life;
  • Pay attention to your own feelings, do not dwell only on the satisfaction of your husband.

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