Dream interpretation

Cat dreams: interpretation of various dream books


Why dream of a cat? Many in order to learn about it, look into the dream book.

What can we learn from it?

Cats in a dream bring only negative news and trouble. There are only rare exceptions, which you will learn about below. Therefore, it is necessary on a subconscious level to always drive them out of a dream. If you still have a dream like this - be alert! Forewarned is forearmed.

Dream Miller

Positive points

  • Caught her in a dream. You will meet with a selfish man. Try to avoid this meeting, bypass his company side. She promises nothing good
  • Killing a cat is a good sign, foreshadowing a solution to problems, changes for the better in your life.
  • You chase her away from you. You have to fast luck in life. All difficulties will be overcome. Your fate will change in a positive way. It is a good dream for you.

Negative points:

  • She pounces on you. You face deprivation of property, a fall in your reputation.
  • To dream of an unsightly and thin cat to bad news. Only after banishing her, you can be calm
  • The meowing of cats and their scream. Your pseudo-friend accepts attempts to harm you
  • She caused you wounds, scratches. Your enemies will deprive you of part of the income from the deal that you have been preparing for so long.
  • The young woman took the cat in her arms. She needs to be vigilant. Possible involvement in bad things
  • A pure white cat dreamed up can bring you grief and deprivation of your well-being.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud

  • To see a cat in a dream speaks of violent sexual fantasies and experiences associated with them.
  • If in a dream you gently flirt with a cat - your feelings are connected with a woman who is much older than you, you want a relationship with her

Dream astromeridian

  • If the dead cat dreams of your beloved, it means it's time to break the relationship with her
  • The cat in your arms. They kill her. The person who did this has long wished for it. You are no longer his pair
  • Dead at the entrance to your house means that you will avoid the troubles that awaited you from day to day
  • Pregnant cat in a dream - something bad is being prepared around you. Maybe this is the one you least think about. Be attentive to your surroundings.
  • Black cat. Heralds the appearance of a cat in your home. If she already has one, she will bring you kittens soon.
  • For a woman, such a cat is a sign of hidden insults and complexes.

Dream for the whole family

  • A cat in a dream - troubles at work, problems at home with your second half
  • Black cat is a danger. Try to avoid risky events.
  • Black or white, crossing the road. Your plans, hopes are not realized. If it will be a bow or collar, then do not believe sleep. This is a snag dream, empty
  • Jumped out of ambush and attacks you - foreshadows misfortune

Dream Esoteric E. Tsvetkova

Black - you have an open enemy, white - a cunning friend. It all comes down to treason, tears

Dream Dream Prince Zhou-Gong

If she catches a mouse, then wait for wealth, profit

Dream Interpretation of the XXI Century

  • Bad sign, to fight, quarrel
  • To iron her - doubts, distrust
  • Has passed you the road or goes straight at you - you will meet with the enemy
  • I dreamed of a man - he was haunted by a girl, and if a woman - she has a rival

Dream interpretation of the healer Fedorovskaya

To treason, betrayal

Dream Dream

  • Herald of failures
  • Has caused you wounds, scratches. Disease awaits you
  • The black cat is a harbinger of grief
  • White - woman with insidious intentions
  • Ironing a cat - trying to get away from trouble

Modern dream book

To see her in a dream is a profitable business.

Female dream book

  • Attacks you - to the appearance of enemies
  • Chasing away the cat - to get rid of trouble

Assyrian dream book

You caught a cat - it is to the fulfillment of desires. You will have a reliable patron

According to Wanga's dream book

Cats in a dream are in trouble. Black - your enemies, from them comes a real danger to you

According to the dream book Hasse

  • Warns you about the appearance of enemies. They are almost near you
  • Ironing a cat is a betrayal of your friends and loved ones

Russian dream book

  • Seeing cats in dreams means meeting with rivals, betrayal, betrayal
  • Expect trick, deception and infidelity
  • Pure, beautiful - a symbol of sexuality
  • Skinny, dirty, timid - loneliness and helplessness
  • Aggressive, scratching, biting - you will be dragged into a fight
  • Black fat cat - a symbol of the acquisition of sacred knowledge, mystical experience

Ukrainian dream book

  • A cat slowly swims past. Disaster with serious consequences
  • Dreams of a man. A young woman is trying to bewitch him.
  • Dreamed of a girl. Warning about a rival
  • Ashy color - to drunkenness
  • Young - means deceit, treason. Street cats - quarrels with neighbors

English dream book

  • Cats in its interpretation are forerunners of treason and slander
  • Dreamed of a young man. Changing the attitude of his girlfriend. She will become a real shrew
  • Dreamed of a girl. Her chosen and beloved is not reliable

French dream book

Cats fight in their sleep. You might be robbed soon

Slavic dream book

Love treason, deception. Meeting with the witch

Magic dream book

  • Black - deceit
  • Catching a mouse - you will witness a quarrel
  • Beautiful with well-groomed hair - successful woman, head
  • Climbing a tree - your position is confusing
  • Sleeping at your home - you are lazy with homework

Dreaming housewives

Means the need to patronize someone extra burden

Jewish dream book

  • Black cat running across the road. Expect trouble
  • A few pieces in your home. Chance to get into a difficult situation
  • Howl cats hear - grief, spleen

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great