Dream interpretation

Crap one's pants in a dream: interpretation by popular dream books


Why dream of crap one's pants in a dream? The dream book will help us to understand this.

The act of defecation is a natural process for a person, so he may dream about it. There is no reason to worry. All that is natural is not ugly. Discuss this vision with friends is not accepted. Therefore, many seek clarification from the dream books.

The total interpretation of such dreams

The fact that this happened to you in a dream, and not in life in a public place with a large gathering of people, you should be happy about it.

Most dream books explain this vision from the positive side. It is only necessary to take into account certain circumstances.

Significance will be the place where you decide to get rid of your internal savings, have other people seen this, or you have been alone. Does your clothes stay clean?

Interpretation of various dream books

According to Freud's dream book

Under the threat of breaking your love relationship

According to the dream of Longo

Expect guests - they will bring you joy

According to Jung's Dreambook

You will meet and chat with young people

According to the dream book of Aesop

Your work will be appreciated earlier than you think.

According to Tsvetkov's dream book

Meeting new people

Interpretation according to the dream book by D. Loff

Do not be too self-confident and you will solve all your problems.

Treatment of the latest dream book

Your desires will become reality

Modern dream book

  • How to dream in a general review - the desire to draw attention to themselves
  • This indicates the unimportant circumstances in life, which you are not in a hurry to get rid of.
  • Do it in the toilet - to the successful completion of your plans
  • Like in bed - quarrels, scandals in the family and with relatives
  • Suffering from diarrhea - breaking a well-established relationship will bring you suffering and great damage.

Dream Miller

This is a dream to income. You can get it from the most unexpected side. For example, inheritance.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • You will succeed, good luck
  • Diarrhea in a dream - possible losses, additional expenses
  • In the toilet - to good relations with people around you, success
  • To defecate in bed - quarrels in the family and scandals with relatives
  • Like in a dream when crowded, in residential and public places - possible losses and losses

Sexual Treatments

  • For a woman - do not expect reciprocity from a loved one
  • For a man, your desires will depend on your abilities.

The newest dream book

  • For women, do not be too trusting with men. This can lead to trouble and shame.
  • No one saw the excrements or the girl removed them in time. Everything will be fine
  • For the male, this speaks of his gullibility in the team. Someone from a work colleague may undermine his reputation in front of his superiors

The place where you performed this process is important.

  • In a deserted place - the income you planned for will be soon yours.
  • Someone saw you at the same time - a person who knows your goal may interfere with your plans.
  • Did it in a crowded place - carefully choose your friends who are familiar with whom you share your plans.
  • As if in a dream in an office, in a room, in an elevator, in other inappropriate places and afraid that someone will see it. The fear that everyone can learn about your intentions. Perhaps - this is remorse for your unseemly deeds.
  • It turned out to do it without unnecessary eyes - you are not threatened with publicity for ugly actions
  • As in nature under a tree promises you profit. The more confident your well-being in a dream is, the more money there will be
  • Make a defecation right in the water - you will find a big profit
  • If it happened in the workplace - salary increase, change of work with high income

Interpretations from other sources

Most of them positively explain this process in a dream. To profit, triumph. Successful start of business.

  • For a pregnant woman. It is necessary to focus on the general interpretation of such a dream, but take into account additional circumstances.
  • If at the same time you have dirtied the whole bed - you will find a large monetary profit.
  • It happened at a party - predicts a surprise to you soon.
  • At the same time, their clothes were heavily soiled - you will have a fascinating journey, a pleasant trip
  • Soiled someone else while waiting for a meeting with this person.
  • Fluidly crap one's pants, unpleasant feelings, diarrhea - do not make hasty decisions, first you have to weigh everything carefully
  • If you could not comfortably sit down on the toilet - the result of your business expectations will be positive, but not the way you would like to see it.
  • They piled a huge pile - a herald of favorable changes in life. Also tells you that you have a lot of experiences in your soul that you have to share with someone.

You can't do it right away or you have constipation.

This means that in life you lack:

  • Forces to overcome difficulties and fight ills
  • Money for a decent life and well-being in the family
  • Confidence in the future
  • Resolve to solve problems
  • Support for close people
  • Such dreams signal to you that you need to pause to accumulate vital energy for the future.

The value of the vision depends on whether the clothes are dirty