Dream interpretation

Brown bear dreamed - how to interpret according to dream books


If you dreamed of a brown bear - then this is definitely for the unexpected. To understand what dreams of a brown bear, let's look at the actual values ​​of sleep and the values ​​of the dream books. The bear is the recognized owner of the middle belt forest. It has a complex, unpredictable character, high intelligence, tremendous strength and speed of reaction.

Bears run at speeds up to 60 km / h, climb excellently, swim and are not afraid of fire, unlike many animals. In this case, the bears are generally peaceful, do not like to go to conflict without the need. Young animals are especially inquisitive, they go to contact with pleasure, they learn easily, they adore sweets.

But God forbid to meet a bear with bears in the forest - this is certain death. With all the friendliness and humor of bears, quarreling with them is not highly recommended. Collapse a person's skull or break the bones of the forest master can in a matter of seconds. Excellent intelligence allows them to hunt down and destroy offenders, neutralize traps and find vulnerabilities even after considerable time.

But in general, we love brown bears. Brown bears try not to do harm, with all their might. Manual and trained animals are even ready to perform stupid, from their point of view, tricks to please you. They can actually ride a bike, including a unicycle. But if you get angry bear - more deadly, bloodthirsty and merciless enemy is difficult to imagine.

Common meanings

  • According to the intellect, a brown bear is quite capable of competing with a person. This also applies to emotional intelligence, the ability to feel fear, love, sympathy. Bear can and pin up and joke. But the mind of the animal is absolutely inhuman. If you saw a brown bear in your dream - expect surprises and bearish jokes even at the most favorable values. Consider this, please.
  • The primary meaning is the master. This can be a strong man with considerable power. Most of all, a bear loves order, power, and a tasty meal.
  • Hunting a brown bear in a dream - you got involved in an extremely risky business with a dubious outcome.
  • For girls, a brown bear in a dream usually means a serious relationship with a wealthy man. Be alert and do not let yourself relax. This is not the relationship in which you can climb a man on his withers and calmly ride for fun. Gifts will be. And even significant. But if you weaken the self-control, the carriage will turn into a pumpkin.
  • If in a dream you stroked the animal and your hands and feet on the spot - you will be incredibly lucky. But at any moment expect a trick. The brown bear adores rough, sexist and obscene jokes.
  • Circus brown bear dreams of a good money win. Buy a lottery ticket.
  • The beast is in a cage, especially in the cramped and uncomfortable - serious problems await you. Wait a while with large purchases.
  • The brown bear is sleeping - for some time you can not be afraid of pranks. You yourself can fool around. But better get clean and clean. You have a chance to lure luck. It would be stupid to miss it.
  • Bear cubs are a hidden threat. All the hunters say that if charming little brown bears ran out of the forest, the only chance to escape is to lie down and pretend to be dead. Only in this case, the ferocious mother-medveditsa can spare the would-be hunter. If you see something incredibly sweet, wonderful, and that asks to become your property or best friend - run away. For example, the scion of a real oligarch fills you as a friend. Do not think that this is a happy fate, the opposite is true. Do not believe a word, do not accept any suggestions, even the most innocent.

What dreams of a brown bear according to dream books

  • Dream Miller warns of the appearance of a dangerous and strong rival.
  • The attack of a brown bear is a serious warning sign of real danger. Even if you humbly accept the crack of cruel fate, you cannot do without losses.
  • Female dream book promises a quick marriage.
  • All dream books consider a brown bear a sign of deception and cunning. You will become a victim of intricate and thoughtful intrigue. In your power to change it. Cook a sweet treat for a few days in a row, or buy it in a store and feed your colleagues and households. Cheesecakes, tubes with condensed milk, sweet biscuits - distribute right and left. The bear will appreciate your generosity and will not touch you. Maximum - will leave a stinky cake. Get into it and find the strength to laugh at yourself. Now, when you smell like a bear, your enemies will not envy. In general, bear cake dreams of huge, fantastic money.
  • Some dream books believe that if a brown bear does not attack in a dream, there is nothing to fear. This is a misconception. Sweet eyes and the charm of bears can mislead anyone. Fascinate to health, but be alert.


To dream of a brown bear is a great success if you are full of strength, energy and desire to win. It will be very difficult, but the win is worth it. Chances are quite good and worth the risk. In addition, the flight is unlikely to be salutary - a brown bear runs faster than the Kenyan runners. Do not despair. No wonder that you dreamed of a brown bear. Most likely, you are quite ready for the test.

Buy a new suit and good shoes - a brown bear loves elegance and a certain severity of style. It does not fit well with his swagger and rude manners, but these are the facts. Rude and impudent, unceremonious beast requires impeccable manners and perfect appearance from the surrounding. As for the perfume, choose complex and sensual aromas, avoid woody smells, if you do not want to get hit by a clawed paw.