Dream interpretation

Why the whale dreamed: we interpret on various dream-books


The great lord of the sea, the pet of Poseidon, and the friend of man — the whale. To see such a massive mammal in a dream is a good sign for the majority of dream books, however interpretations vary from dream book to dream book.

Why dream of a whale in a dream? A reliable answer to this question will be found only if the dreamer can recall the main details of the dream, up to the type and behavior of the cetacean. Somnology is merciless and meticulous, absolutely every detail is important.

Interpretation of sleep, depending on the plot - swim with a flock of whales, discharge to the shore of a sea giant, hunting

The continuation of sleep after the appearance of the whale is also of great importance. We advise the reader to carefully look at the environment of the animal and its own behavior in dreams. Fright, joy or confusion? What visited you? If the picture is in front of your eyes, you can find the interpretation of your dream below:

  • White whale. The most ambiguous of the variations of dreams with a huge creature is the usual white cetacean, especially in the quiescent state. According to dream books, it promises good luck and increased well-being, while psychologists warn that it is quite easy to scare away the good luck from a dream if you remain in a passive state and do nothing;
  • Killer whales. A flock of killer whales is not the happiest augury, because these creatures are the real predators. In the near future, you will receive a tempting offer, the pitfalls of which you will be known only after the agreement, so that the decision remains for you.
  • Predatory mammals follow you. Killer whale hunting for you signifies incriminating you. It is necessary to watch the expressions, not to throw away empty promises and not to speak badly;
  • Killer whales have surrounded your vessel. The dream is also ambiguous - there will be a lot of gossip and evil speeches about you. But, therefore, much more attention will be paid to you, and you may be able to turn this attention to yourself in favor, and not to harm;
  • In the dream, you are lucky enough to swim with the sea giant. Swim with the master of the seas is an excellent omen, dreams are interpreted by dream-books as the emergence of opportunities to improve well-being or earn a raise, for the realization of which also have to work notably and try;
  • You had a huge cetacean dream. A creature - a giant in dreams (any, not just a whale) symbolizes the most important events in your life, in which the dreamer just needs to be directly involved, otherwise there is a risk to miss the precious opportunities provided by fate. Sometimes foreshadows childbirth;
  • Sea animal did not respond not offer. You somehow managed to hint to the sea giant at the desire to swim, and he refused to you or reacted aggressively - expect problems or obstacles in business in the near future, perhaps you will have a detractor;
  • Pretty friendly mammal. A friendly giant for all dream books is a great sign, especially seeing a whale in an Italian dream book is a symbol of good luck in all your endeavors, promotion and recovery. You may also receive unexpected help or news from a long-forgotten friend;

  • Keith showed you the tail. The hulk who showed you her tail in a dream marks promises that simply turned out to be empty. You trusted a person who in the near future will fail you without keeping his word;
  • Cetaceans, killer whales attack you and your ship. After such a dream in the near future, you will face a fateful choice. Friends who will be close at this moment will stay with you for life;
  • A marine mammal in a vision rushed to the shore. Predicts trouble in the near future, from simple neighbors gossip, to global upheavals in life and betrayals, the death of someone from distant relatives is possible;
  • The aggressive whale is defeated by you. The subconscious will praise you and your choice - the dreamer is ready for any adversity and will resist any temptations that he will encounter on his way;
  • You were lucky enough to be in the role of a diver, but you saw a dead animal. No, a dream does not prophesy death, it quite the contrary brings joy and well-being to the real life of the dreamer. It is possible to replenish the family;
  • Sea King lay down on the sand. Kityar, lying on the sand, makes it clear to the dreamer that a declaration of love will soon follow, which will turn the dreamer's view of the opposite field upside down;
  • Giant - dwarf. The very small whale that has managed to find himself in your bath symbolizes success and prosperity in all matters, starting with running in the morning and ending with the appointment to the director's post;
  • Whale guest sails past the ship in a dream. Such a pleasant plot predicts pleasant acquaintances and small talk, which will not turn out to be anything bad, nevertheless you can lose a lot of precious time;
  • You caught a whopper on the bait. Vision in real life will be followed by a resumption of communication with old acquaintances who, to your surprise, have not forgotten about you at all and have long wanted to see each other;
  • The animal again decreased in size, this time to the aquarium. Dreams symbolize new knowledge gained by you in the course of research or excursions. Apparently, you still have impressions and experiences from the trip, the memories of which will delight you for a long time;
  • Capture a photo marine mammal. To a good deal or project;
  • Keep a small, practically new-born kitten in your arms. You have found harmony, and in the near future a soul feast awaits you;
  • Assistant Poseidon naughty and releases the fountain. Quite a common dream, symbolizes a quick relationship or a dreamer's marriage in real life.

Interpretation of sleep by famous personalities - Wang, Miller and Sigmund Freud interpret the dream

  1. The dream of psychologist Miller. The psychologist is sincerely happy for the lucky one with a whale in a dream - you have to live a white line, many happy days. But in some cases, a whale in a dream is a moral choice, a lot depends on it, definitely not worth relaxing;
  2. Sigmund Freud interprets dreams about a cetacean mammal in a different way. The size of the animal is an approximate weight, again the choice that you have to make in the near future. There is no doubt that after every dream with a whale, you need to be decisive in deciding on a scenario;
  3. Uncertainty, discord with himself and depression - that’s what Vanga means whale. Obstacles can slow down a person.