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I had a dream darling - what can this mean by dream books


Love is the brightest feeling that a person has to experience in his life journey. The ability to see, hear and be close to the object of your love arises not only in reality, but also in a dream. Why dream of a loved one, we learn in proven dream books.

Loved ones are valued not for dignity, but contrary to disadvantages.

The state of love greatly influences the actions and actions of people. Someone it motivates to stunning career growth, someone is a creative muse, an idea that they strive to realize, to realize. Rejected love can have a very detrimental effect on the development of destiny, especially a weak personality.

For the dreamer, such a plot can be interpreted in two ways. It all depends on the emotions, mood and overall color of the dream. The manifestation of tenderness, care, attention of a loved one always carries something positive in reality. This can confirm how strong and reliable your union is, to foreshadow the wedding and the confirmation of your feelings by legal marriage.

A dream can cause a negative reality, where the beloved moves away from you, is cold, aggressive, shows interest to strangers. All this may portend a series of spiritual experiences, trials. But love always means too narrow view of things, try to look at the world through different eyes.

For a woman to love means to stop comparing

The guy gave a sweater in a dream - expect the development of a warm and sincere relationship with him. Do not try to run ahead and be too intrusive, everything has its time. If you presented a gift by candlelight - a good sign, a man is burning with passion and desire.

The man gave the wedding ring - in reality it is worth the guard. Your vain expectations will lead to arrogant claims and demands. Quarrels and speedy separation will follow.

Saw your beloved playing cards - in reality your second half will not show its best. You will find in it those qualities that are completely incompatible with your ideals, values ​​and common world outlook. Do not try to redo anyone, better time to go away.

Former favorite dreamed - it means you are not quite satisfied with this relationship. You seek to compare or create the same atmosphere from the past. Mutual discontent from this will only accumulate. If you have something to lose, try to discuss the reasons for the differences, and not to repeat the mistakes.

When a man falls in love, he becomes less productive

A married lady had a dream of a man's betrayal - in reality, do not try to contact him with a complaint. Most likely, the dream speaks of the sincerity of your love and experiences associated with self-doubt. For housewives, this is a real excuse to step back from excessive household chores and work on yourself: buy a gym membership, sign up for a beautician or spa treatments. Your well-groomed and flawless appearance will make your worker to cheer up and provide a new wave of forgotten feelings.

We saw the funeral of a loved one - the interpretation of sleep promises the exact opposite of the plot. Your partner will live happily ever after. And for you it will be proof of how you are not indifferent to the chosen one.

Quietly parting in a dream with your beloved - it is worth thinking about how sincerely you treat him. Perhaps you began to treat him more indifferently and disrespectfully, but he, without showing emotions, silently suffers from this.

You have lost a man of your life in the forest - in reality, your partner is trying to hide something from you. It may also mean that he sees nothing wrong with mutual treason. Look, and do you need such a relationship.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

A lover in a dream came to see - it means you are completely satisfied with the real intimate life. You are not inclined to diversity, strive to preserve what you have. If your loved one is in danger - in reality beware of competitors, the relationship may deteriorate and lead to rupture. But perhaps you are characterized by such experiences due to lack of self-confidence, your sexuality and the ability to satisfy your partner.

Gustov Miller

A positive interpretation carries a dream in which you embraced and kissed your lover at dawn. This promises the beginning of warm and sincere feelings that will overwhelm your mind with your head, well-being and positive development of relations in the near future.

Nightly pleasures and affection speak of the dreamer's promiscuity, which will certainly lead to condemnations, gossip and slander from others. In order not to give a reason for gossip, one should dwell on one chosen one and try to build a relationship with her. You are not trying to understand, to see that which is now near, because your love is based on primary instincts and temporary desires.

The girl to see her boyfriend at the marriage ceremony with the other - in reality to succumb to unreasonable jealousy and causeless fear. Develop your strengths, appreciate yourself, be positive and cheerful - this is the right way to self-reliance and sincere feelings of a loved one.

Beloved greeted you by an old grandfather who smiles into you - a great sign. You will find an idyll in relationships, a strong and long union, mutual love and care for each other.

The second half presents you with its photograph - expect a dirty trick from the companion and the disclosure of facts that are unpleasant for you about the reason for her friendship with you. Most likely, this person uses your position in society, status, financial opportunities to promote your own interests. You do not notice in this person that they see everything.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

A positive interpretation is presented to those who saw themselves in a dream dancing together with their beloved. This may portend the popularity and high interest of the opposite sex to your person. Feel like a partner leads you in the dance, supporting and stretching your hand - expect strong feelings for you influential and very decent person. Be consistent and reasonable. Such a person will not tolerate frivolous coquetry and flirting. Make it clear that you are ready for a serious step and fate will grant you well-being and family happiness.

A beloved one came to see in the arms of another - difficult trials and difficulties in relations are coming. The partner lost interest in you, showing indifference and indifference to your life. It is worth letting go that has long gone. Only then will new perspectives and opportunities open up.