Dream interpretation

Storm in a dream - prediction of famous and popular dream books


A black line appears on the horizon, the wind subsides, the air is stifling and humid. Excited and screaming birds in flocks hastily fly deep into the mainland, away from the sea. So begins the violence of the elements - the storm. Why dream of this phenomenon, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Water is a symbol of variability, flexibility. The storm in this case brings changes to the life of the dreamer, but whether they turn out to be favorable for him depends on many details of the plot.

Any excitement on the water personifies the inner experience of the sleeper. To be in the grip of the elements is to lose control of the situation, not to be able to control and own the circumstances that fate sends. To sail in the middle of the overblown ocean - in reality, be in a very difficult situation, in which you will have to rely only on your own strength.

Seeing oneself in neutral waters and not knowing how to escape from the huge waves is to feel loneliness and confusion. You can not find the right solution, and the situation is aggravated by the fact that you have no one to ask for advice and help.

Such dreams rather warn of future difficulties, as if preparing for harsh realities. Youth is a kind of dedication to adulthood. Such periods are fraught with stress and total apathy. But gradually comes the realization that with this experience you become stronger, wiser and more persistent. The main thing is to know what you want in this life and firmly go to the goal.

For middle-aged people, who by this time should already have built a career and personal life, this scenario hints at their insecurity of marital status and dissatisfaction with their career development. At the subconscious level, you reject and criticize everything that has happened to you lately. Someone wants passion and love, and someone dreamed of a dizzying success in the profession, but alas, the reality appears completely different.

He dreamed of a father in the epicenter of the element - apparently, and in reality he is in a very difficult situation. Daddy urgently needs your help. Do not ignore the forecast, call the parent and offer your support.

Danger also lurks for those who are trying to save a friend from the tsunami and are drowning with it - this feeling of fear can turn into the present. Somebody is trying to get you into a nasty, criminal story. Do not settle for easy, easy money, they will bring only misfortune and drag you to the bottom.

Storm warning for family happiness

Saw how big waves destroyed your house - expect betrayal from a loved one. This dislike can be a cause for property disputes and scandals. Moral atmosphere can be more difficult if you have children who do not want parents to divorce.

The girl on the eve of the wedding to be in the depths of the sea in a dream - it means in reality to recognize your choice as a mistake, to be completely confused and in doubt. A lifeboat appeared on the horizon - a fortunate incident would save you, pointing a different, happier path.

The newlyweds were on the shore after a terrible storm - they will manage to avoid a crisis period in the relationship. Quarrels and scandals in the past, it is time to build love and think about future offspring.

I saw a sinking ship, on which your parents were, these fears are not in vain, the dream foreshadows a serious illness of someone or the exacerbation of chronic diseases of someone close. Get ready to spend a lot of time and energy on the treatment and restoration of the health of the parent. Material resources can also be significantly depleted.

Author's dream books

Gustov Miller

Natural disasters in a dream are the emotional turmoil of a dreamer in reality. On a subconscious level, nature itself is experiencing for you, giving impulse, a warning through dreams. Even if it is possible to avoid big problems, it is impossible to smooth out the whole situation. For business people, this can be a sign of big financial losses, damages, and even ruin.

Married ladies such dreams speak of their loss on the way to a family idyll. The more damage the element has caused in a dream, the bigger the tragedy in life will be. Despair can take possession of the dreamer, because he is unable to cope with the cycle of unpleasant events.

The extremely negative interpretation carries a dream where you are floating on a ship in a raging storm. This means a complete collapse of your creative activity, deterioration of health and other life troubles.

To swim by swimming large emerald waves is a good sign. Such a dream personifies the dreamer's insight, speaks of his burden to spiritual enrichment, enlightenment. Decisive small steps to greater knowledge will help in career growth, raise the authority and status of the dreamer, make him financially independent and confident.

Sigmund Freud

The element of water in the interpretation of the psychologist personifies the amniotic fluid, motherhood, the conception of a child. Excitement in the ocean is a sign that you are not ready to become a parent. This news will be a great shock for you. A man get into a storm in a dream, then try to influence the desire of your partner to become a mother. By this, the dreamer will only increase the resulting crack in the relationship, which will undoubtedly lead to a break.

If a woman has a big wave, and they cause fear - in reality it reflects her unwillingness to conceive a child. Even if the second half completely suits her in intimate closeness and gives a lot of pleasure, she does not expect to have a child from this person. She is extremely concerned about the issue of safety in sex and protection.

David loff

A dream in which a technogenic catastrophe or a natural cataclysm was dreamed depicts the dreamer's inner panic. The sleeper has released the situation out of control. Thus, everything has lost its meaning for him, he goes with the flow, having no plan. This may indicate that a person wants to start all over again. Living from scratch will seem strange and unusual, but you will restore the balance of power and fill your soul with your old feelings if you are more optimistic about the future.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

The interpretation can be positive, if the storm does not frighten the dreamer, he desperately overcomes him in a dream and goes ashore. So in real life you should not exaggerate at the slightest difficulty, preparing for a series of problems. We are sent only those tests that we are willing to endure. The more spray from the water and whiter sea foam, the events in the life of the sleeper will be brighter.