Dream interpretation

What dreams of a bull in the dream book


To figure out what the bull dreams about, and whether it is worth worrying about such a dream, read the article. I collected in it reliable forecasts of popular dream books, which I regularly use so that you can understand better.

Family Dream

Interpretations about the bull are rare in dream books. Most authors give only a short mean forecast. But here the people who made up the Family Dream Book, tried their best - in it you can find very complete predictions.

Here they are:

  1. Watching the corrida with pleasure - you will desperately defend your position in the dispute. And it is important to win, because your fate depends on it, and your opponents will be competitors.
  2. Fighting aggressive bulls - you have a lot of fans, and they treat you very sincerely. But do not make them wait for a long time, it's time for you to decide which of them you want to tie your destiny to If you delay the choice, you can stay at the broken trough when men realize that they are being led by the nose.
  3. Cutting a bull or a cow - an unfavorable period will come in your life. You can’t affect it at all, so you just need to be patient and wait until luck starts to smile again.
  4. White aggressive bull, trying to hit the horns - in reality, you expect recognition and glory, which you were afraid to think about. One fine moment you wake up famous - and you will like it.
  5. The attack of the animal, from which you are trying with all your might to escape - after a long period of loneliness and despair, you will finally meet your soul mate and meet a person with whom you will build long, happy and harmonious relationships.
  6. A dead bull dreams of a dramatic change in circumstances or circumstances. Events around you will develop very suddenly and with great speed. It is important to have time to adapt and enter the stream that will direct you towards success.
  7. Killing an angry bull is an auspicious sign. If you had a dream like this, you can assume that henceforth, luck will always be on your side. You have fallen into a powerful stream of luck, manage to use it, because you will not last long in it.
  8. A purebred and tribal bull promises a marriage proposal from a very powerful and rich person. He can become not only your spouse, but also the patron. But the marriage is unlikely to be concluded for love, both sides will pursue their own benefits.
  9. Bulls at a watering place - a very happy period will come in your relationship with your loved one. Begin literally the second honeymoon. You will enjoy each other, give your partner love and happiness, and he will reciprocate.
  10. Animals that peacefully graze in the meadow and nibble on the grass - you will achieve the high social status to which you aspire. Surrounding people will appreciate your success and results, you will be a role model and authority for all.
  11. White bull - a symbol of incredible luck. You can break a big score. Try to buy a lottery ticket - the likelihood that you are lucky is very high.
  12. The aggressive black bull personifies the image of your enemy, which exists in reality. A dream says that you are afraid of him, but respect him. You should work on yourself to one day win and become stronger.
  13. The bull that drives a cart or carriage - your close people are very offended because you do not show enough gratitude and love for them. You take their help and support for granted, which is very unpleasant.

Dream Miller

These predictions are for those who like to delve into their subconscious and are interested in psychology.

Here are the predictions:

  1. Big, fat and healthy bull - you are a born leader. They are accustomed to always and everywhere achieve success, achieve goals by any means and methods. At the same time people are reaching for you, trying to gain your trust and favor.
  2. A few fat animals on a green meadow are a sign of the dreamer's high social status. The dream says that his merits, creativity, or work are recognized. People are willing to pay money for it.
  3. Lying on the grass animals - an unfavorable sign, which promises financial losses and the lack of friendly support in a difficult situation.
  4. Purebred and selective bulls - a marriage that you enter into very soon, will be successful and prosperous. Your other half will be very wealthy, for this reason you will no longer be out of money.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

Freud interpreted dreams in terms of human sexuality. The bull in his interpretation is a symbol of masculine strength and attractiveness.

Here are the predictions:

  1. To tease a bull - you are too indiscriminate in your sexual life and often change partners. This can adversely affect your health, so be careful.
  2. Run away from the bull - you are afraid of sexual violence, or someone forces you to have sex against your will.
  3. To hunt for a bull - you are jealous of the second half and fear that someone can lead her away. Strive to get rid of competitors. Very jealous, because of what you often lose your head.
  4. Feel like a bull - you are very confident in yourself and your attractiveness. Looking in the mirror, you see a compelling and very sexually attractive person. High self-esteem is fine, but in your case it can turn into narcissism.