Dream interpretation

I dreamed of a temple - a detailed transcript of the dream books


To see the temple in the night vision speaks of the desire to eliminate the deficiency in the religious sphere. Unbelievers are advised to cleanse their soul and come to God through prayers and repentance. It also reports on future significant changes in the dreamer's life.

For an accurate explanation of such dreams, you need to remember all the details of the vision. This includes the decoration of the room, its appearance and what you specifically did indoors. To learn about all this, you need to familiarize yourself with the proposed sources.

Interpretation of various dream books

Erotic dream book

  • Women dream with such a plot promises mutual love.
  • Being inside it promises jealousy from people.
  • The man saw how he enters into it - to get acquainted with a respectable lady. You will achieve its location to your person.
  • In the temple, the priest has imposed penance on you - torments of conscience will overpower you for your sexual adventures.

Opinion psychologist Z. Freud

  • For a man, going to the temple is explained by the dreamer's desire for sex with his girlfriend.
  • Circumstances prevented him from entering - doubting his male strength, his desire to avoid future sexual contact.

Opinion of the esoteric E. Tsvetkova

Such a dream foreshadows well-being.

Dream Dream Prince Zhou - Guna

Such a vision promises business luck and happiness in family life.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

The temple is a sign of the need to purify your soul; it can foretell good luck.

Interpretation Vanga

  • Put a candle in a dilapidated temple - to the spiritual growth in reality.
  • Participate in its restoration - to get rid of past offenses. You will establish again good relations with a close person.
  • To see an abandoned temple with doors clogged - a warning about changes in life for the worse, sadness.

Opinion of the white mage Y. Longo

  • A dream with such a plot recommends going to the temple in reality.
  • Being in it during the service - you need a guru to indicate the right path. Soon you will meet him. This meeting will not be random. After some time, insight will descend on you. In the end, you cleanse and save your soul.
  • To see an abandoned temple in poor condition - your religiosity is at a low level. We need to take action to change the situation. First you can start reading the Bible. This will lead you to inner peace.

Esoteric dream book

  • To build it in a dream - to work for the benefit of the development of the spiritual society.
  • See people in it - you are in search of like-minded people.
  • Watch service in it - to spiritual growth.

Small Veles dream

Seeing an old, dilapidated temple promises death.

Dreaming tarot

If he was filled with people, the dreamer urgently needs repentance for his actions.

Noble Dreambook N. Grishina

To see a pagan temple (temple) - to temptation, unhappiness.

The state of the temple inside

  • The inner state reflects the mental state of the dreamer.
  • If everything inside is gilded, in good condition, you have complete spiritual harmony and inner peace.
  • On the iconostases, the faces of the saints are calm and peaceful - the present life stage will be cloudless for you, the sorrows will pass over.
  • See the icon in poor condition (broken, cracked) - promises inner emptiness, the purposelessness of life. It is useful to listen to the opinions of people around you and get rid of dark thoughts.
  • To see inside complete darkness or neglect foreshadows the failure of your plans, the loss of inner peace.
  • Inside to see the burning candles - to good luck, the speedy achievement of the goals.
  • The fire inside dreams of trouble, loss of faith.

Temple outside

  • He dreamed a shattered dream - to a breakdown, to the collapse of goals.
  • To see him directly at destruction is a sign of the coming new period in life. What he will predict is impossible.
  • To see the domes of the temple in all its glory foreshadows the successful completion of important business. It will bring you substantial profits and moral satisfaction. The larger the dome, the more substantial the income will be.
  • Firing a gun at the domes speaks of the dreamer's short-sightedness. Watching the shooting from the side - the dreamer confided in vain to someone.
  • The Catholic temple symbolizes the future trials of the dreamer and his spiritual discord.
  • It can also foreshadow doubts and suffering.
  • The burning temple promises trouble, disappointment and the unrealizability of your plans.
  • For unfaithful spouses, this foreshadows the collapse of the family.
  • See the remains of the temple after the fire - your fears have no basis. Calm down and live peacefully on.
  • The temple is under construction - a sign with a positive color. Symbol of new life span. In the intimate sphere, this promises complete harmony and satisfaction.
  • An empty and forgotten temple symbolizes unwarranted anxieties, bouts of anger. The spiritual state of the dreamer in serious condition. This is worth thinking about and finding a solution to overcome this situation.
  • The old temple speaks of the dreamer's uncertain future. Nayavu needs to think over his actions for the future and draw up a clear plan for their implementation.
  • The White Temple speaks of positive moral family foundations. The golden domes on it foreshadow well-being for the dreamer.
  • If it was made of wood - to change the place of residence or work.

Temple activities

  1. To pray in him and come to inner peace - to significant positive changes. Successes in the financial sphere.
  2. Feel the fear and despair at the same time - you will encounter problems. You need to be ready to overcome them.
  3. Putting a candle in it speaks of the repentance of the dreamer, his spiritual growth. It also bodes well.
  4. If at the same time she smokes, moral pressure is put on you. It can also tell the dreamer that he has been jinxed or damaged.
  5. Buying candles there is a voluntary sacrifice to God, to your close people.
  6. It also informs you of your intention to obey, giving up bad habits and humility.
  7. Washing the floors inside the temple symbolizes the laundering of their sins. You are ready to begin a new pious life.
  8. Baptism is a positively colored sign. Speaks about the performance of all your duties.
  9. Crying in the temple - to the inner peace and joy. This heralds the receipt of additional forces to fulfill their duty.
  10. Enter inside in light-colored clothing foreshadows the death of a familiar person. If the clothes were black - to attend weddings or christenings.
  11. Sleeping inside of him is a desire to find protection and spiritual balance.
  12. Pregnant temple dreams of easy delivery, a healthy baby and the need for support.