Dream interpretation

The layouts on love and relationships Tarot: two ways to know the future of the union


The layouts on love and relationships Tarot - is a way to understand why you do not develop a personal life, find out when you will meet the second half and figure out what to do to gain comfort, happiness and harmony.

Guessing "Attraction partner"

With the help of this scenario, you will understand which men come into your life and why. Realize what your ideal partner should be. Understand the reasons that interfere with building relationships. Learn what you need to do to find harmony and happiness in your personal life.

Layout scheme:

Once you have laid out the map, start analyzing the value of the arcana at each position:

  1. What kind of men you attract into your life. The internal state of a woman always reflects what will surround her. This lasso will help you understand what fears, complexes and attitudes affect the "quality" and character of potential partners, mirror the attitude of a man towards you.
  2. The impression that you make on men. This is the most important and very first impression. What potential candidates think about you at the very beginning of communication. What kind of image you create when meeting with the opposite sex.
  3. Second impression. The way you reveal yourself in the process of further communication. What is the opinion of a man about you may change because of your words or deeds.
  4. Which man suits you. This is a reflection of your internal needs, which must be met by the potential elect. You will understand with what gentlemen you can build a really happy relationship.
  5. Your character trait, which turns you from a “typical woman” into a personality. The strongest attractive side to use. Develop in this direction to find happiness in your personal life.
  6. What can frighten or repel a man in your behavior. These are both external actions and features of your internal state. Weaknesses that need to be worked out to avoid problems in the relationship with potential candidates for husbands.
  7. Your image, the identity that others see. It may not correspond to your own feelings, so study the meaning of this arcana as much as possible.
  8. The qualities that need to be strengthened are the direction for spiritual development and social self-improvement. It is necessary to know to increase your own chances to meet a decent partner.
  9. What prevents you from building harmonious relationships. The reasons for which personal life does not add up. They need to get rid of, work with it to find happiness.
  10. What you should pay attention to in your behavior or relationships with men. This knowledge will help improve the quality of communication, bring it to a more trusting, deep level.
  11. The role of karma is that you cannot build a long relationship. Problems and injuries of the genus, parental settings and programs. What is given at birth. It is necessary to work out to get hope for a happy personal life.
  12. How your relationship with men will develop if you follow the advice of the tarot. Qualitative positive changes in the future.
  13. The most important and significant advice of the tarot. Use it, and gradually life will improve.
  14. Of all the schemes and layouts of the Tarot, this most fully describes the full picture of what is happening. Using the recommendations and advice of the arcana, you will very quickly arrange your personal life and bring the relationship to a happier, higher quality level.

Watch a video on how to use Tarot to learn about the relationship of a partner to you and predict the future of your relationship:

Alignment "The Eyes of Truth"

This divination will help to better understand the relationship with your man. You will understand why your union was formed, how you attracted each other at the very beginning. Learn about the needs and desires of a partner.

Layout scheme:

Arcane decoding by positions:

  1. How do you perceive others. This may not coincide with how you yourself feel. Therefore, the interpretation of the arcana will give very interesting information that will surprise you.
  2. It complements the meaning of the previous map, helps to make a more complete picture.
  3. What others do not know about you. This is all that you so carefully hide and hide in yourself. The fact that it is possible even not aware. Deciphering the arcana will help you better understand yourself and live internal negative attitudes.
  4. Addition of the previous lasso.
  5. Your true essence is what you really are. Perhaps this image is different from how you are perceived by others. Arkan at this position removes the mask and exposes everything that is hidden.
  6. Addition of the previous lasso.
  7. Your true attitude towards others. Reflection of various social settings. Perhaps you yourself do not know this information about yourself.
  8. Addition of the previous card.
  9. How do you feel about your man. These are both positive emotions and negative ones. Perhaps you see a partner not as he really is. Or, on the contrary, do not notice his good qualities, focusing on the bad.
  10. It complements the essence of the card at the previous position.
  11. What binds you to a man and what you really want. This is the reason why your union exists in principle, the impetus that prompted you to start a relationship. Also, this is what binds you up to now and does not allow you to part.
  12. The true motive of your connection. Get ready for surprises - the value of this arcana reveals the whole essence of the relationship, points to the true needs of your and partner.

Deciphering the arcana at each position, you will understand what your relationship is. Whether it's love or affection, dependence. Is there a chance to keep the union strong, to turn it into a harmonious and happy couple. Either you break up, as soon as the true motive of the relationship ceases to be relevant.

These are just two fortune telling, but there are others that you can also try. For example, the alignment for the future of your relationship. All ways of guessing are very simple and accessible even to beginners in the world of tarology.