Dream interpretation

Starters, followers and subversors of the Zodiac


As you know, the 12 signs of the zodiac - and I don’t believe in any Ophiuchus - are divided into three main groups. And it is very, very important to know! You can not even imagine how much is explained by the fact that your sign belongs to a mutable square or a cardinal one. I always mean this in my consultations.

For example, in Russia they are often contemptuous of Cancers, considering them to be weak. But I remember that this sign belongs to the cardinal square - that is, to those who transform and change the world, create new systems. And Cancer is a very strong sign that has managed to transform the absolute femininity into authoritativeness and creative energy. Just Russia is a Aquarian country, and Aquarius is the master of Cancer, and that’s what he despises. Aquarius himself will always be despised in Japan and in Europe. But cancer in these countries is highly respected. And in all others, except Russia.

So let's understand the "squares". We have three of them:

  • Cardinal
  • Permanent-steady
  • Mutable-changeable.

Three qualities, three principles, three destinations ...

What are all these "squares" about?

They are about how the signs of the zodiac work and what is their main purpose on earth. As you know, any action has three stages - the beginning (initiation, initiative), the continuation (the development of what is started by someone else) and, finally, the change (transformation and even destruction, criticism).

Thus, depending on which square you belong to, you will manifest yourself in mortal life as the initiator, founder, and initiator. Or you will be the person who, having picked up someone else's initiative, will finish the job, continue it. And finally, you can be born a critic, a subverter and a destroyer, an opportunist. But this does not mean that you belong to the conventional "square of evil." On the contrary: in order to give new space, you need to destroy the old, outdated forms and ideas. But let's talk about each square more ...

Cardinal square

It includes the main, main signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. These are people who always need "more than others." We are not talking now about greed, but about the fact that they are not ready to be content with the status quo - the way things have been arranged for them a long time ago. Not! They see that the world needs improvement, they are overwhelmed from the inside by a thirst for action, like Aries or Capricorn, a thirst for creativity, like Cancer and a thirst for restoring order and harmony, creating sustainable social structures, like those born under the sign of Libra.

As a rule, these are people with difficult temper, but do not blame them for it. On the contrary, it is the internal discord that makes them restless and active, striving for higher goals. At first, you think of them as a “stitching in the pope, not a person”. But then everyone eagerly follows the path they trodden through and enjoy their discoveries, the fruits of their labor and conquests. And if it were not for these troubled people, mankind would be stuck in its development and would perish, having exhausted its resources.

The cardinal square is a fighter with stagnation and stagnation, with laziness and complacency. They will not let you sit still. These are very ambitious people, always seething with initiative, new ideas. They are the first to see all the pain and crisis points in the development of society and understand where the danger comes from. The first to feel its approach and sound the alarm.

You can imagine it so ... There is a beautiful tropical island, on which there is plenty of food, no need to be killed at work, the sea is gentle and even sharks do not swim in the bay. And in the center of the island stands a big, incredibly beautiful mountain - it decorates the area so much! But a man started up in a tribe who, instead of being positive like everyone else, runs around and tells that for some reason snakes began to descend from the mountain. That yesterday he felt a strange push - it was at night. We urgently need to do something! Let's build a huge raft and move to a neighboring island where there is no mountain.

How he infuriates everyone! How can you be so negative, stop people from enjoying life? Moreover, he, noticing that everyone doesn’t care about his warnings, began to curse and beat his nerves. Go away, poisoning our lives!

And he alone builds a raft like a fool, while the others enjoy life in a positive and harmonious way, saying to each other: "The Lord will not allow trouble to happen!" He lands a protesting family on this raft and floats to another island. A month later, in this heavenly place, a grandiose eruption of a volcano occurs and all beautiful and positive people perish. Survived only vile negative type. And his family survived. So, appreciate the people of the cardinal square, despite their difficult nature.

Fixed square

These are the so-called conservative signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and, you now wonder, Aquarius. You didn't expect to see him among the conservatives, did you? Is Russia not a conservative country? Isn't it a Aquarian country? That's the same thing!

These are people who have taken the initiative of the cardinal square and continued it. They are persistent, accustomed to bring the case to the end, preserve and increase what they got. These are the most harmonious people of the Zodiac, happy with earthly life - they are not alarmists and do not look around in search of danger, but they are firmly on the beaten track. They have a strong will and conviction - they have absorbed them with their mother's milk, they know that there are certain rules in the world and you don’t need to break them.

Of course, Aquarius is somewhat different from the rest of the signs of this square, but even he is not the initiator of something - he has no own aspirations. He is deprived of his own ardent desire, driving passion, creative emotion. But if he came across some already prepared, but unreasoned thought, he could get it and give it to the world as a brilliant discovery.

Yes, indeed - this is a brilliant discovery. But Aquarius would not have made it, if someone else, possessed by passion, was painfully, by touch, did not find the grain of this idea and did not transfer it to Aquarius. Or did not create an artistic, scientific structure in which Aquarius can act. Well, you see how Russia borrows other forms from its entire history and fills them with its spiritual power. All his life learning from Europe.

Mutable square

Hello, gentlemen critics and opportunists: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. You all deny and subvert, criticize and test for strength. You are great reformers and are needed where everything is too stagnant, and the ancient foundations prevent people from going forward and creating new things. That's who will shout: "And the king is naked!", Tearing off the mask from the dead, posing as living and poisoning everything around.

Virgo destroys darkness with exact and impartial criticism - her arguments are impeccable, you will all understand that you cannot live like this anymore.

The twin will always expose and laugh at the inflated authorities - after his deadly ideological attack, the “dead” will shrink and become fearless. The people will rise and overthrow them.

Sagittarius, brilliantly refuting old ideas, creates new ones, arms them to the people.

And Pisces is destroying the old order ... with love! Yes, they call everyone to love each other and lay down their arms. And when all of them obeyed, young, cruel and greedy predators appear on the arena, who take over the world while the rest of them fraternize and kiss. Well, the world always needs fresh predators - they move progress.