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Compatibility Aries-Taurus: general characteristics, marriage relations


Can two obstinate zodiac signs Aries and Taurus get along? It would seem that the union is doomed, but astrologers advise not to rush to conclusions. Consider the question: the compatibility of Aries-Taurus in marriage, love and friendship. Under what circumstances does a fire sign burn the ground?

general characteristics

The quick temper of Aries is known to everyone, however, Taurus can balance the explosive temperament of his chosen one. This is the secret of long and completely harmonious relations. Compatibility of characters is determined by the complementary qualities. For example, Aries are often mistaken in people, trusting the first impression. But the astute Taurus, seeing the person through, will be able to immediately determine its quality. Therefore, Aries can safely rely on the life experience of Taurus.

Taurus by nature is very lazy and very heavy, constantly in need of an incentive to action. This mission of the stimulator is perfectly fulfilled by Aries, who literally boil with all sorts of ideas and ideas. The fiery nature of Aries requires constant activity, which patient and laborious Taurus may well carry out. Under favorable circumstances, this tandem can be just brilliant.

At the very beginning of a relationship, the two obstinates often quarrel and clarify misunderstandings, but later they get used to each other and do not think separately about life. As practice shows, it is common for both of them to find compromises and make mutual concessions. And they do not direct stubbornness into clashes with each other, but toward jointly overcoming obstacles.

Aries Woman with Taurus

This union is almost perfect. Women Aries to middle age are distinguished by a lack of a sense of responsibility and life wisdom, which is perfectly compensated by a pragmatic and serious Taurus. Aries can afford to carelessly look at life, because a caring Taurus will worry about his daily bread and pay for entertainment. Especially since Taurus can be generous and gentle with their loved ones.

The hotness and attractiveness of the Aries woman inspire Taurus men to an active life position. This can turn into a stream of material benefits in the overall cozy home. In addition, Taurus love order, so Aries and this duty can push on their own spouse, indulging in the fun and joy of being together.

If a woman Aries manages to wake up a love volcano in Taurus's soul, she can be called the happiest in the world. Taurus will give her the whole range of sensual pleasures that you can imagine. Tireless in bed, he will be able to translate into reality any fantasy of a representative of the fire element.

One does not need to make a woman Aries in a relationship with Taurus - play a role. Taurus is naturally endowed with insight, so they feel false at a distance. Just be natural and don’t try to impress Taurus. Joint pastime is a special topic in the relationship between Aries and Taurus - they have a lot in common. For example, they can always talk about cooking recipes, a new garden flower or painting.

The Taurus man is attracted to the woman Aries not only by its natural charm, but also by the ability to look expensive and elegant. It flatters the lover and connoisseur of all that is beautiful. The Aries woman is conquered by the gallant manner of caring and the generosity of the gifts of Taurus. You can say a couple - they found each other. Their meetings will be held in romantic corners of the city or in an expensive hotel, and they will choose the most elegant restaurant. Unless, of course, allow funds. But even without this meeting will be filled with romance and charm.

Marriage relationship

Both signs are distinguished by a practical approach to everything, so after the wedding they will immediately take the bull by the horns and begin to equip their life. But do not forget that the foundation of any marriage is the very romantic relationship, through which he realized. Therefore, the romance should not be hidden away in the closet, but constantly care for it.

Aries woman must understand that she will never be able to make a henpecked Taurus, therefore she should allocate an adequate supply of freedom to him and not try to dominate the relationship. When raising children, both spouses must see them as individuals and not put in too tight a framework. Reasonable freedom of choice is always preferable to categorical prohibitions.

Aries male with Taurus

What is the relationship between Aries man and Taurus woman? A leisurely woman Taurus may not immediately like impulsive Aries. But when he realizes that this is the only woman in the world ready to ignore his shortcomings, he will be conquered. Telchikha may at first frighten off the assertiveness of Aries, bordering on impudence, but she will be able to see behind this the beauty of his true feelings. So, the acquaintance took place - what's next?

Then they will find a common topic for conversation, especially since Aries loves to talk a lot, and Taurus is the most attentive listener. If the topic is chosen correctly, the woman Taurus will listen with pleasure to the end of the talkative Aries. The next date is better to organize in nature, where Aries will show all his culinary art in the manufacture of fragrant kebabs. A Taurus woman can demonstrate her art with a beautiful table setting, which can make a strong impression on Aries.

In order to maintain an early relationship, a Taurus woman should surprise Aries with a variety of images, and Aries should hide jealousy in her pocket. It should be emphasized that the lapping of characters does not always go smoothly. Therefore, Aries must understand that Taurus wants to worship himself and not try to subordinate her to his power. If this stage of the relationship is successful, the union will take place.

Ahead of them awaits a fascinating future, because Aries will constantly amaze Taurus with its ideas, and Taurus will not allow Aries to get stuck in some adventure. Both signs are distinguished by a wide range of interests, so they are able to fill each other with impressions constantly.

The only condition for a prosperous family life is separation from the parents. In no case can not live a day with someone's parents - will be brought to divorce. Under extraordinary circumstances, when parents intervene, even when living apart from them, you can simply go live in another city. This will save the marriage from destruction.

Friendship and partnership

The relationship between Aries and Taurus is not necessarily marital - they can be great friends and business partners. In this situation, you should take into account the excessive talkativeness of Aries - he is inadvertently able to let out all the secrets. Taurus is distinguished by his silence and will not give out his secret even under torture. However, with enmity, Taurus can severely harm Aries, making his life an absolute nightmare. However, to annoy Taurus, you need to try hard.

In the business sphere, this alliance develops in the safest way. Aries is a generator of ideas, Taurus is a great financier and accountant. The intuition and insight of Taurus will save the case from failure, and any adventurous ideas of Aries will not receive support. If these two signs compete with no one, the sparks will fly in all directions.