Dream interpretation

Kira - a mystery of character and fate, health and career


In Russian culture, the name Cyrus appeared from the Greek language. In Greek, it was the name of Kiriya and meant "Mistress", "Lady". But in Greek it came from the Persian state and in the Persian language meant "Solar" or "Like the Sun." What value is closer to you, decide for yourself.

In other languages

In other languages ​​of the world, the name Kira has the same meaning as in Russian.

  • In English, Kira, Keira,
  • In Spanish - Ciro,
  • In French - Kira,
  • In German -Kira
  • In Japanese - 夫 人 花 (Mrs.) - Fuji,
  • In Chinese - 基 里 (jili).

Name transformation

  • Full name - Kira
  • Diminutive and abbreviated form - Kirusya, Cyrene, Kirochka, Kiryusha, Kirusha, Kirk, Kirunka.
  • According to the Orthodox (church) calendar - Kira (Angel's Day - March 13)

Traits and fate

Perseverance, rigor - these are the associations that the name Cyrus causes. The name is cold and sharp, which indicates the difficult nature of its owner. However, often a person who seems harsh to us turns out to be a sensual and soft person who responds to someone else’s pain. She looks domineering and reasonable, says little, but inside she is a vulnerable and sympathetic man. She wants to help others, and she does everything in her power.
Kira keeps an eye on people and gets used for a long time. She is self-confident and it is sometimes impossible to convince her. Often it is principled and rarely makes compromises. In her life, a couple of friends and a few acquaintances. But she knows how to be friends, for her friends she is truly a true friend.

Kira places high demands on herself and others. He accepts everything on his own account, he cannot bear lies and often herself says what he really thinks without thinking about the consequences of his words. Kirochka surprises with her striving for the goal. She is a very gifted and talented person and manifests herself in various spheres of life: in creativity, in sports, in study. Her character helps her to succeed, and she reaches the top where others could not. Kira will be a first-class leader and leader. She is perfectly able to manage people to motivate them.

Kira likes being praised and often cannot distinguish praise from flattery, which can be used by ill-wishers.

With age, Kirin's character becomes softer, but self-irony and openness are hard for her to learn. If she learns to harmlessly joke about herself and others, she will live a happy and peaceful life. Willpower, perseverance and a serious attitude towards life will help Kira to take place both in life and in her profession.

Communication advice

In a controversial situation or in conflict with Kira, try to describe your point of view, your situation from a human point of view. If she understands and feels heartache, Kira will understand you and even try to help.


Often, Cyrus has good health and rarely gets sick. The weak point is the nervous system. Kira are very susceptible to stress and feelings, overload and lack of sleep. All this is a direct path to depression. Owners of the name must be able to relax and not take everything to heart.


Due to her perseverance and commitment to the goal and to the heights, Cyrus succeeds in work and often occupies leadership positions. However, subordinates may not like her for lack of tact, delicacy and diplomacy.

Family and relationships

Kira does not trust the opposite sex, and in order to cut her heart, you need to try very hard. Her life partner will be very lucky, since Kira will be a very loving wife and a wonderful mother. She does not seek leadership in the family. Rather, it will give the reins to the spouse. Despite the strong attachment to the family to do household chores, she is not particularly fond of and she just needs personal space.

Successful will be an alliance with men by name:

Unsuccessful relationships will develop with Vadim and Yaroslav, with Eugene, Mikhail and Gregory.

Astrological characteristic

  • Zodiac sign - Cancer and Archer
  • Planet - Uranus and Pluto
  • The colors of the name are blue, yellow, brown, red.
  • The most auspicious color is orange.
  • Stone mascot - amber and topaz
  • Totem plant - honeysuckle and clover
  • Totem animal - lobster

Name days and patrons

The patroness of all Cyrus is the Venerable Cyrus of Beria (Macedonian) - a virgin and a recluse. She and her sister Marina chose the righteous path. They devoted themselves entirely to God, went into the wilderness and lived there a short tormenting life. Nameday - March 13.

Famous Kira