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Gemini compatibility with other zodiac signs


Gemini (from May 21 to June 20) is a very interesting and unpredictable sign of the zodiac. It is difficult to get bored with such people, because they are always full of valuable ideas and various proposals. Do you want to know how Gemini is compatible with other zodiac signs? Then be sure to read this material.

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General characteristics of the zodiac sign Gemini

People born under the zodiac constellation Gemini, are characterized by such a feature as a split personality. They are able to drastically change their mood at one time.

Although the Twins do not like to burden themselves with serious obligations, they become very interesting, loving and romantic partners even despite their natural inconstancy.

Due to the duality of their nature, such individuals are constantly forced to rush between two opposite directions. Although Gemini tends to have a very sharp mind, the main difficulty in their lives is that they do not know how to set life goals for themselves correctly.

Of all the twelve zodiacal constellations, it is most difficult to understand Gemini people, because they can be hot and cold, active and indifferent, interested in something and at the same time indifferent. They can give a person a sign of attention, but after a moment they turn the situation upside down and quarrel with him for life.

Gemini makes excellent storytellers, although their passion to exaggerate everything can play a cruel joke with them.

The main problem of Gemini people is that they themselves do not know what they want. When they reach one goal, over time they start to get to another and as a result, they are never completely satisfied with their lives. They often suffer from bouts of melancholy and gloom, if temporary stagnation comes to their lives.

Note! Gemini is the only double zodiac constellation, which adds to such personalities more charm. But the owners of this sign themselves in such duality find their own benefit, and constant internal conflict.

The main disadvantages of Gemini

Before deciding on a relationship with a representative of this mark, answer the questions below:

  • Will you be able to accept the ever-changing decisions of the partner?
  • Will you be able to leave the desired comfort, exchanging it for changing the situation and new impressions?
  • Would you agree to do several things together with Gemini at the same time?
  • Would it be annoying to you that the Twins do not complete the half of what they started?
  • Can you tolerate the constant flirting of your loved one with the opposite sex?
  • Remember also that many Gemini prefer to disappear as soon as serious problems arise.
  • Twins do not tolerate violent emotionality, which strains them and undermines the foundation of relationships.

Compatibility between Gemini and other zodiac signs

Gemini with Aries (element of fire)

"Relationship younger and older brother"

In such a union, one can speak of favorable compatibility with the sign of the friendly element. If there is a spark between people initially, you need to try to kindle it further.

This pair can be harmonious if Aries becomes the “senior” in it, and Gemini will be responsible for energy and inspiration. Conflicts in such alliances, of course, happen, but quickly disappear.

It is important that Aries listened to Gemini, paid enough attention to him, and Gemini, in turn, should light his beloved.

Gemini with Taurus (Earth element)

"The relationship of the best enemy and best friend"

Similarly, all the neighboring signs of different elements, Gemini and Taurus have both much in common and differ from each other. Gemini is fascinated by such qualities of Taurus as calmness, stability and reliability (which they themselves are so lacking). But, unfortunately, with the passage of time it is precisely because of these qualities that the freedom-loving and changeable Gemini begin to choke in captivity of Taurus.

Gemini with Gemini (element of Air)

"The relationship of me and my reflection"

Such alliances are based on the charge of energy, the flow of air, the explosion of ideas with aspirations, but at the same time, there is no directional vector, and therefore a goal.

Not a good option for a couple of adults, as Gemini used to be a leader. And in a relationship they will have to constantly “drag” the blanket over themselves, which will not last forever.

Gemini with Cancer (element of Water)

"The relationship of the best friend and the best enemy"

Gemini likes in Cancer his romanticism, reverie and soulfulness. Such people are well compatible in the physical plane, but not very - in the spiritual. All because of their different attitudes towards life and love: Cancer is used to worry very much about relationships, worrying, and Gemini is distinguished by inconstancy and superficial feelings.

Gemini with Leo (element of fire)

"Relationship older and younger brother"

The prospect of such partners is quite good, but only under the condition that they are already mature in age. Young lovers will strive to compete with each other because of their high ambitions.

In terms of cooperation, the combination of the elements of Fire and Air is always quite successful. If the partners will arrange each other in an intimate way, then such a relationship will last for a long time and they will not be changed.


Gemini and Virgo (Earth element)

"Relationship advisor and patron"

If to exaggerate a little, then Gemini in most cases find that Virgos are too boring, petty and boring. And the Virgos, in turn, see Gemini as a complete frivolity, lack of comprehension and idle chatter.

But despite this, if the stars develop favorably, the Twins will be able to charge the Virgin with a stream of fresh air, which will provoke mutual interest.

And thanks to the intellectual approach on the part of both partners, it is possible to start a string of fascinating dates, which can become something more. But, unfortunately, the relationship in such a pair is unlikely to satisfy each of the partners to the fullest. Therefore, the more harmonious friendships can be called between Gemini and Virgins.

Gemini and Libra (element of Air)

"Parent-Child Relationship"

Between Gemini and Libra there is excellent compatibility in all areas with the exception of financial and domestic. Such individuals are interested in each other, and there is an excellent mutual understanding between them.

When one partner puts forward some ideas, the second one immediately supports and develops them. But there is one nuance - in such a union, both partners are a little irresponsible because of their main air element, so some of them will have to become "senior". Astrologers believe that this role is best suited for Gemini.

Gemini and Scorpio (element of Water)

"Relationships of a boa and a rabbit"

Unions between these people promise to be not very simple and filled with a lot of disagreements and misunderstandings. Scorpio in such a pair acts as a "rabbit", which is fascinated by a "boa" - a twin.

Astrologers believe that only short-term relationships are possible between these zodiac signs. And at parting, Gemini will be stung by a Scorpion, the only question is, why will he touch them?

Gemini and Sagittarius (element of Fire)

"Meeting of opposites"

Gemini and Sagittarius stars promise a mandatory meeting in life. Perhaps not even meeting, and mutual attraction like the two poles of a magnet - that is how polar they are located in the sky.

In order for such relationships to develop successfully, it is important that partners have time to meet with each other as individuals. If they have enough vital wisdom, maturity - they will be able to create the perfect pair for life. But in the case of young partners, we can talk about a very rapid end of the relationship due to the fact that they exhaust themselves too soon.

Gemini and Capricornus (Earth element)

"Relationship rabbit and boa"

Gemini need to be wary of Capricorns of the opposite sex, because they will take on the role of your Boa (unlike in relations with Scorpio, which you can manipulate, here you will find yourself as Rabbit).

Although, most likely, this information will not stop you, because you are hypnotically attracted to Capricorn, you are fascinated by his words and actions that relate to you. As a result, it is possible that the relationship will be very pitiful, because you will agree to too many concessions and generally risk remaining with a broken heart.

Gemini and Aquarius (element of Air)

"Child-parent relationship"

In the soul of the always-young Gemini, it attracts to more adult and sensible Aquarius, who at the same time has the same natural audacity, curiosity and breadth of thoughts.

Gemini has a little more activity, Aquarius has specifics, Gemini is still trying to find themselves in different spheres of life, and Aquarius already knows in which direction it will move on.

Another point of contact for both partners - both of them strive for the most interesting and rich life. If at the same time everything will be great in a couple in material terms, then we can safely say about the high probability of a long-term relationship, perhaps even a marriage.

Gemini and Pisces (element of Water)

"Relationship patron and adviser"

It is difficult to imagine in what sphere Gemini can come into contact with Pisces, except in the sphere of business and career. In this case, if the Twins take responsibility for the strategic part, and the Fish for the material and practical, then everything will be fine.

But in the personal life of Gemini and Pisces will be very difficult to interact with each other. Their relationship is likely to not go further than through the candy-bouquet period. People have too different views on life, so here you can talk about a very low love compatibility.

We come to the conclusion that Gemini is best to build relationships with Aries (perhaps the most perfect union), Leo (mutual complement of the two halves) and Aquarius (perfect harmony and mutual understanding).

You can also try to create a relationship with Libra (although it is unlikely they will be long), Sagittarius (the chances are also 50 to 50).

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