Dream interpretation

Sign: what the bird fights in a window of the building


With birds, there are many signs, the most common of them - the bird beats on the window of the house. From the type of feathered and his behavior depends on what will be a sign - good or bad. Knowing these signs, it will be possible to try to change the course of events for the better.

The bird hit the window and immediately flew away.

In most cases, the bird, not noticing an obstacle in front of itself in the form of glass, slightly hits it and flies away at once. On the basis of centuries-old observations of birds, this sign is considered positive and means:

  • Your problems will be resolved with ease;
  • You will be returned a cash debt;
  • Get good news.

The bird, hitting the window, remained on the windowsill and tapped on the glass with its beak

In ancient times, it was believed that the souls of our dead relatives infiltrate the birds, and that with their knock on the window glass they warn their relatives about bad news. In fact, this is not always the case; it all depends on the specific type of winged:

  • Crow - the worst sign, as it is believed that the crows fly for someone's soul.
  • Swallow - you will soon receive positive news.
  • Swift - in your family it will be possible to add or you will be invited on a date.
  • Sparrow - be careful with finances, their significant losses are possible or you will be deceived. A sign changes its meaning if there was a child in the room who cried at the sight of a sparrow, then expect bad news. If the child is happy and ran to the window to see the sparrow, then you will soon receive good news or win the lottery.
  • Tit - great happiness or luck will come to your house soon.
  • Forty - carries good news, sick in the house will soon recover.
  • Wagtail - long since it is considered a symbol of tears. If Wagtail, hitting the window, remains on the windowsill and rattles on the glass, then you will face a serious quarrel with loved ones. Especially you need to be wary of this omen to pregnant women.
  • Stork - the owners of the apartment will soon be replenishing the family or financial well-being.
  • Dove - they are considered the heralds of good news. If the pigeon, having hit the glass, is not injured, then soon expect guests with whom you will have a good time.
  • Owl - our ancestors have long been afraid of this omen, as it indicates a serious illness in this house. This event can be avoided by taking preventative health measures.
  • Seagull - the head of the family may be in trouble or his illness will overcome.
  • Nightingale - soon you will make a profit or an unexpected inheritance will fall on you.

The bird hit the window of the working office

In this case, you need to look at what time of day the bird hit the window:

  • In the morning - to financial receipts or the conclusion of a lucrative contract.
  • In the evening - to large financial losses or conflicts in the team.

If an unmarried colleague saw a bird hitting the window, it will soon marry successfully.

You should not be afraid if a bird beats on the glass of your house for several days, it is possible that many tasty insects fly around your window.

Bird to death broke on the window

It happens that the birds to death smash against the window, not calculating their speed and maneuverability of the flight or fleeing from a predator. Do not be afraid of this omen, it almost always speaks of a pleasant pastime:

  • Sparrow - have a good time with a long time friend in a cafe.
  • Dove - accidentally get on someone's holiday, where you will have fun.

Birds often hit your window

A few simple rules can help reduce bird stress on your window:

  • To hang a red ribbon on the window handle, which by means of swaying from the wind will warn birds that there is an obstacle.
  • Pour the seeds on the window sill with the words: “Come for food, not for the soul”, then the birds will land more carefully, without hitting the glass.
  • Sprinkle the window frame with holy water.
  • Do not worry if the glass from the blow of the bird broke, just replace it.
  • After the stress on the window with any forest bird, it will not hurt to sprinkle the apartment with holy water in order to avoid the onset of trouble.

These signs described above do not affect the birds that have nested above your window or arrive at the trough near your window. Perhaps they are just trying to warm themselves at your window in the cold season or on the way to the trough did not notice the clear glass.

In any case, you need to listen to your intuition, whether it will be alerted during this event or let it pass by itself.