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Courageous and strong Ahmed - how will temperament possess


Hearing the name Ahmed, it will immediately be clear that the name has Muslim roots and it is spread mainly among Muslim peoples. The name has Arab roots. In Arabic, it means "glorious", "deserving of fame." It may also have the interpretation of "a person who constantly thanks God." The name is quite popular in Central Asian countries and many peoples professing Islam.

Possible variations of the name

  • Full - Ahmed;
  • In short - Ahmedik, Ahmedka;
  • Affectionately - Ahmedushka, Ahmedochka;
  • Synonyms of the name - Ahmet, Ahmad, Ahmat;
  • In languages ​​using Latin, it is written Ahmed.
  • In the passport - AHMED.


Ahmed is a strong-willed and independent person. He is endowed with physical strength, hard work and pride. He is the owner of a difficult character and a heavy temperament. Since childhood, he has shown his leadership skills, however, he often tries to win his leadership by force. From early childhood he is distinguished by his entrepreneurial spirit. From his youth he tries to earn money himself, but he will always lack an analytical mind, imagination and ingenuity. But still in his team he is respected for his hard work. Ahmed is not at all ambitious.

Ahmed is a rather modest person, although he is trying to achieve wealth, success and wants to realize himself in life. He may behave arrogantly and somewhat rudely, but others around him will not be offended. They will pretend that there was nothing, understanding the true causes of such behavior. Such a beautiful and strong man can not dislike the opposite sex. Ahmed knows this and uses it. In relationships with women, he can be not only courteous and courteous, but even cunning and cunning.

The character of Ahmed is very controversial. Usually he is balanced and calm, until nothing happens that can make him mad. In such situations it is better to stay away from him. It is characterized by appeasiveness, but at times it can be so stubborn that it will not persuade him. He can afford to hold his gaze on a pretty girl, but he will never cheat on his spouse.

It also has a sharp disposition and independence, but over the years it becomes softer. He would never allow to push himself, control himself and set conditions. It is important for Ahmed that his loved ones be sincere people. Only a sincere person can become his friend. As a friend, he chooses trusted and reliable people, so he has few of them.


When choosing a professional activity, Ahmed considers factors that are beneficial to him:

  • high income;
  • workplace comfort;
  • stress at work;
  • convenient schedule.

Will be successful as a guide, sales representative, travel agent, manager, hotel manager. Typically, representatives of the name receive the working profession of a mechanic, an electrician, a bricklayer.

Ahmed can be called a business and hardworking person. With any work he will be able to cope brilliantly. It may happen that he does not get along with the team because of its difficult nature. In this case, it is worth the risk to organize your business. There are good chances to become a successful entrepreneur.


Ahmed's health is very strong. There may be nervous strain due to overwork at work. But he can handle them on his own. Well versed in traditional medicine. It is worth being attentive with pressure and to monitor its level. May periodically rise.

Family and relationships

Besides himself, for Ahmed in life the main thing is family and work. In his childhood dreams, he drew a beautiful wife next to him, and in life he married an ordinary simple girl. For him, peace and order at home, home comfort and mutual love are important. She values ​​her spouse for compulsion, accuracy, fairness and thrift. In his children does not mind. He tries to do everything so that his children become worthy, respected people with a good education. He is a devoted and caring husband. He takes care of all the financial well-being of the family. He tries to make himself and his family happy.

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