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Compatibility of Scorpio and Virgo - harmony and love


The compatibility of Scorpio and Virgo is extremely harmonious. The elements of Earth and Water perfectly coexist with each other, so the partners feel happy and calm in such a relationship. Let's analyze in more detail.

Compatibility in love

Scorpio - extremely emotional nature. He can be impulsive, unpredictable, which attracts a calm Virgo, who also wants bright emotions. At first glance, they are very different. It seems that there are no common points of contact. But in fact, they very successfully complement each other in this relationship.

Typical features of the union of Scorpio and Virgo:

  1. They are never bored together. The difference between temperaments and contrast of emotions plays a role. Calm relationships are unlikely to be, but happy, bright and rich - quite.
  2. Great responsibility for the fate of the relationship is the Virgin. It is her calm, diplomatic and gentle nature that allows partners to stay together. She skillfully extinguishes all conflicts, preventing them from developing into violent quarrels.
  3. The more mature, experienced and wiser Virgo, the better the relationship will be. She always has everything under control, she is able to manipulate the Scorpion. What is surprising, because together with other signs, the manipulator is he.
  4. If Virgo is still young and inexperienced, it is rather difficult to predict the fate of the union. She can break the wood, not yet plucked worldly wisdom.
  5. Perfectly combined partners in the sensual sphere. Their sex life is usually very bright and intense, and there are no problems in this regard.

We summarize: the union of Scorpio and Virgo is very successful. They complement each other so well that it allows them to grow and develop together, gaining traits of a partner that are missing in themselves. Stormy quarrels and scandals will not happen, thanks to the diplomacy and wisdom of the Virgin.

Causes of conflict

Both partners perfectly complement each other and can create a truly harmonious relationship in which both are good. Scorpio gives Virgo the necessary energy, which she lacks. And she shares her intellectual and creative potential.

But even in the most prosperous pair of conflicts occur. In this case, they begin to occur when the partners are satisfied enough with each other and the stage of love changes to the stage of satiety.

What can cause conflicts in a pair of these two characters:

  1. Scorpio yearns for spontaneity, he does not like to live on a clear schedule. Virgo is a more mundane nature, she needs order in everything. She was accustomed to plan everything in advance, so the uncollectibility and unpredictability of her chosen one is often annoying.
  2. After a stormy quarrel Scorpio wants to put up in bed. But Virgo will wreak him out with his tediousness, forcing him to first discuss everything and draw conclusions, so as not to repeat mistakes in the future.
  3. Scorpio is often overwhelmed with emotions. Typically, Virgo is able to pacify his fervent temper, but it does not always work.
  4. Scorpio is a born heartbreaker. He will never miss a chance to flirt, even if he doesn’t think about treason. This provokes the sensitive and vulnerable nature of Virgo, forcing her to be jealous and make trouble. She may feel extremely insecure.
  5. Scorpio often fails logic. And in such moments, it is difficult for Deva to convey her thoughts to the chosen one, to prove her point of view, to defend her opinion on an important issue. Because of this, they can also quarrel.

In general, these points can be worked through, learn to find compromises and put up with some shortcomings of the chosen one. If both meet each other, the relationship will be extremely happy and calm.

Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man

This is a traditional union, in which a man is a breadwinner, and a woman keeps home. He directs and supports his darling in everything, and she gives him all the necessary care and affection.

Despite the fact that the leader in a pair is always Scorpio, his woman controls him so subtly and unobtrusively that for him this happens completely unnoticed. She understands that her intellect is not enough to succeed in life. And it is precisely the activity and dedication of the chosen one that will allow to realize all the ideas and achieve the goals set.

A man receives from this union a lot of energy, inspiration. It grows and develops, achieving great success. This is the same union in which a woman married a lieutenant, and eventually became the wife of a general.

She skillfully smoothes all conflict situations, so violent quarrels in the pair does not happen. Problems can arise only if a man discovers that all this time he has been skillfully manipulated, and offended by this fact.

Virgo man and scorpion woman

The man in this pair is rather stingy with emotions. Most of the time he is busy working, arranging life and realizing his goals. In the Scorpio girl, he sees all the emotions, inspiration and feelings that he lacks.

She sees in him a very soulful, loving person who is able to share grief and joy, to make a decent party. Plans for both are usually very serious. Their union is not a short-term affair, but a long and stable relationship.

They do not fall in love with each other immediately. They gradually look and understand that they have met a real treasure - the very second half, which they dreamed of in their innermost dreams. Therefore, they appreciate and respect each other. Between them there is always trust, mutual understanding.

They always support each other in difficult situations. A man is inclined to blame himself for all life problems, to engage in self-flagellation. The woman shows: everything is not so bad, and he is capable of more. She is the only one who can pull him out of depression after serious life problems.

The girl is also an emotional person. She is not averse to throwing a tantrum. But it does not repel a man, but rather amuses him. He likes this contrast of emotions. To miss them together just do not have to.