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Why dream of the door to the dream book


To find out what the dream of the door to dream, carefully read this article. It contains sensible, analyzing which, you can better understand yourself, guess what will happen to you in the future and avoid mistakes.

Dream Miller

Entering the door in a dream - you will make desperate attempts to protect your reputation. But to do this will not work, because your detractors have dismissed a huge amount of rumors about your person, who was believed by others.

The only door in the distance is a dark corridor that resembles the one through which you entered your room as a child - fortunately. You will gain it thanks to a person with whom you will soon meet and will find in it a kindred spirit. He will become a like-minded friend and will support in everything.

Being in front of the door during a heavy rain - due to a rash act, harm other people. Try to be less frivolous, so that in the future you don’t have to deal with the very unpleasant consequences of your deed.

Seeing people enter and exit in a huge flow is not a very favorable sign. There will be many obstacles on your life path that will be difficult to overcome. And all the difficulties you mostly create yourself.

Seeing the door falling off its hinges as you close it - a warning that your friends are in grave danger. Only you are able to help, so try not to leave your loved ones without your support and encourage them with a kind word.

Freund's Dream

The famous psychotherapist in all dreams saw the meaning associated with the sex life of a person. The doors in his interpretations are a symbol of the female genital organs.

Here are his interpretations:

  1. Standing in front of a closed door - you sympathize with one person, lust for him, but can’t make up your mind to take the first step, fearing failure. If you do not stop to doubt, the matter will continue without the slightest development.
  2. Pull your hands to the closed door and find that it is not locked — the person you like is experiencing retaliatory feelings. One has only to confess his desires, and he willingly will meet.
  3. Losing the keys to the house - to problems in sexual relationships. The partner is not enough your attention, so he will continually refuse intimate intimacy. But your kindness and some tact will help to correct the situation.
  4. Problems in order to open the door - to diseases of the reproductive system. because of which upset intimate life. But if you go to a doctor and heal your ailment, everything will get better very quickly.
  5. Covering the door with varnish or paint is a sign of your baseless jealousy, which often becomes a source of problems in a relationship. You can explode because of a trifle and offend your partner with suspicions. If you do not start to control yourself, the case may end in a break.
  6. Installing a new door - you often limit yourself and suppress your own desires. You want a bright passion and change of partners, but do not want and are afraid of condemnation.
  7. Out of the door - you are bored with the current relationship, and the partner has ceased to satisfy. You dream of being free and for some time limited to only light "resort" novels, without promising anything serious to your boyfriends.
  8. Knocking on the door, but never getting over the threshold - you are very afraid to trust a new partner, so you prefer loneliness. But it cannot last forever, sooner or later you will be able to open your heart and allow the new person to come to you.
  9. Greet a friend by opening his door - you are not satisfied with your intimate life. Either alone or a partner does not meet your expectations. But this is an occasion not to part, but to agree, to find some kind of compromise that suits both.
  10. A man open the door to dream of treason by his chosen one. He may pretend to have forgiven her infidelity, but in the depths of his soul he tortures himself with suspicions. Trust from the relationship will be gone forever, to restore it will never happen again.

Esoteric dream book

The open door dreams of success in business and the achievement of the cherished goal, to which you have long sought. But closed - to disappointment and all sorts of trouble.

Other interpretations:

  1. A door with loosened hinges - you are very indecisive and often prefer to sit back aside instead of active actions. That is why other people get wealth, fame and success, and you live in your current reality.
  2. The door leading into the transport - your loneliness will soon end. You will meet a person with whom you first make friends, and then build a relationship. It will be real, sincere and unconditional love, which will give both many happy moments.
  3. To leave the house - be careful in the near future and try not to risk it, otherwise you will incur a big trouble. It is better to avoid any operations with money, transfer dates and important meetings to another, more appropriate time.
  4. Exquisite and very beautiful door - you will find yourself in a difficult situation, but you will be saved at almost the last moment. A complete stranger will come to the rescue. He will take care of you, and all problems will go away.
  5. The creak of the door - you will be visited by a man whom you hate. The meeting will be extremely unpleasant, and you will be irritated for a long time. In addition, this person will bring bad news to gloat over you.
  6. Automatically opening doors - everything you have in mind will be fulfilled. And you do not need a grandiose effort. There will be a feeling that everything is all right around itself.
  7. A woman has an open door dreaming of the appearance in her environment of a new fan, with whom a stormy, albeit short-term romance will begin.
  • A door in a dream can be both auspicious and negative symbol.
  • For example, open - promises success, wealth or new relationships. Closed - troubles, obstacles and all sorts of obstacles in your life path.
  • Read all interpretations to figure out which prediction is appropriate for your sleep.