Dream interpretation

Compatible Bull and Tiger


Compatibility of the Bull and the Tiger on the average level, but with great prospects. This is a union of two people with radically different characters. But at the same time they are able to easily find a common language, build happy and harmonious relationships.

Bull Woman and Tiger Man

This couple can turn a light, non-binding novel into a strong family. But only under the condition that both will fall in love strongly enough and will try to maintain the relationship immediately after the period of falling in love ends.

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. They fall in love with each other almost instantly. This is the same love at first sight. Usually, fleeting novels end quickly, but in this case there are prospects for developing relationships and making them more serious.
  2. The girl is able to see a strong and outstanding personality in her companion. She truly admires him. He conquered her self-confidence and determination. She sees the prospects for such a relationship.
  3. If they create a family, then the woman becomes an excellent keeper of the home. She is a great mother and mistress. She manages to create at home the most favorable, warm and cozy atmosphere. Therefore, it is always pleasant for a man to return home after labor exploits.
  4. But the woman will not become too passive. She is not a typical housewife, but an individual with her own ambitions and goals. Therefore, it is important that a man does not limit her in attempts to self-realize, to occupy a high social status and become a full-fledged person.
  5. It is very important that the man listened to the advice of his wife. She has a well-developed intuition, she is a way to warn the elect from making serious mistakes. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account her opinion when solving important problems and choosing directions for further actions.
  6. The man in such a union is a prop, a breadwinner and a leader. What is strange, because the leadership qualities of his woman are much more developed. She simply does not implement them in the family, which is very wise and helps to maintain harmony in the relationship. If she starts to kick and try to show that she is the main one, a break is inevitable.

Their views on many things do not coincide. In order not to quarrel on this ground, it is necessary to immediately distribute duties and responsibilities. Everyone should do what he does well, without interfering in the affairs of the chosen one.

Tiger Woman and Bull Man

This pair is more successful than the previous one. They are more likely to build harmonious and happy relationships. Sympathy, as a rule, occurs almost immediately. Between partners, a great passion, they can not tear themselves apart, enjoying intimacy to the fullest.

It is important to them in the rush of strong love not to get married at the initial stage of the relationship. Do not even start living together. Life very quickly kills feelings without giving the relationship a chance to continue.

It is desirable for them to meet for some time before transferring the relationship to a more serious stage. To endure a period of lapping and getting to know each other, then to marry already fully prepared.

Both natures are bright and purposeful. They will go ahead to fulfill their own desires. Therefore, it would be nice if the goals of the partners are common or at least similar, otherwise conflicts cannot be avoided. In this couple, a man chooses a direction, and a woman supports, inspires and gives a partner a lot of energy.

She becomes for him a bright flash that will illuminate his life. This woman is able to create a perfectly comfortable atmosphere for both. She has a great sense of humor that helps to quickly resolve conflicts.

But there are nuances that can provoke difficulties in the relationship. For example, a girl hates being advised to something and trying to impose someone else's point of view. She desperately resists because of her independent nature.

A man may be annoyed by the somewhat frivolous nature of the second half. He does not understand how to relate to life and everything that happens in it with such simplicity and ease. This puts him in a stupor. Because of what sometimes he makes attempts to rehabilitate the chosen one, meeting with violent resistance in response.

It’s worth working over these two moments to make the relationship more happy and harmonious.

Union cons

There are some things that can turn a relationship into a true nightmare. They are important to consider in order to avoid numerous problems.

These moments are:

  1. If the Bull in a pair is a woman, then there will always be a debate about who is the head of the family. She has an incredibly strong character. If she does not want to leave, you need to learn to be softer, more feminine and give way to a man.
  2. A man often remains deaf to the words of the chosen one. He does not hear her requests, desires, experiences. He often believes that the whole world revolves around him alone. But this is far from the case. If he does not learn to be less selfish, the chosen one will first start scandals, and then he will completely leave, because she needs men's attention like air.
  3. A girl in such a union is more inclined to engage in practical exercises, loves applied arts, to do something with her hands. A man is an intellectual, mental work is perfect for him. Because of this, they often do not understand and underestimate each other. You must learn to respect the interests of your partner, even if they are different from your own.

In general, such a pair has every chance of success. Only it is necessary to constantly work on relationships in order to preserve love, harmony and carry feelings through many years.