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Prayers for good luck and luck in all matters: 3 strongest prayers


Turning to God, we often wish him to grant us the blessing of success in business, profit in business, prosperity in the house. It turns out that, knowing the strong prayers of the Guardian Angel, Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Matrona of Moscow, a believer can rely more on God's grace and luck in all things.

General definition

Prayer is a verbal way to establish contact with the Saints and God. There are a large number of such appeals to different patrons, but not everyone is right for you. To understand who your patron saint is, you need to go to church more often, with words of gratitude and petition.

You can communicate with the Almighty through canonical prayers (prayers of liturgical books) and pronouncing your words (free prayer). It is important that your thoughts and desires are kind, sincere and creative. These words can be conveyed verbally or mentally, but with deep faith, repentance, glorification, and thanksgiving.

In Orthodoxy, there are uniform rules for making a prayer both in the Church and at home. This should be done while standing; the head of women should be covered with a scarf. The soul and body when uttering the prayer book should be completely open to God. If you have come to the Most High, then you are ready for its effects.

Appealable prayers (words about help and endowing you with strength, luck, resourcefulness, success) are often spoken to by those Saints who are patrons and intercessors of Orthodox Christians and have special reverence for believers.

Many believe that the strongest prayers for the attraction of money and success in everything must be pronounced to the Great Martyr George the Victorious, the Holy Satan Nicholas the Wonderworker, as well as to his Guardian Angel.

Appeal to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Saint Nicholas has always been the patron saint of navigators, travelers, convicts and orphans. But in Catholic and Orthodox churches, people of all professions and social strata approach his image.

Believers believe that the miraculous power of Nicholas can help in any troubles and misfortunes. It is his Catholics who are considered the progenitor of Santa Claus. The appearance of the tradition of Christmas gifts is written off to the period when Nikolai threw bags of gold under the window to those who really needed them at that moment. In this way, he saved the daughters of a ruined merchant, giving each one given to him for a successful marriage.

Nikolay Mirlikiysky (Wonderworker) was born in Lycia (Greek colony), a province of Rome. His family was very rich. But since childhood he knew his true purpose and was not interested in worldly pleasures. After the death of his parents, the Holy State, which was written to him, was distributed to the poor.

The holy miracles mentioned include the resurrection of sailors threatened with death. He also saved innocently convicted persons who were awaiting a brutal reprisal of authorities for imperfect offenses. They remember cases when Nikolai saved babies and teenagers from serious illnesses. He miraculously saved people from unnecessary death, suffering, oppression and persecution.

In Christianity, the veneration of St. Nicholas is comparable to the Virgin Mary. Each one prays for the creation of a miracle and encourages them to hear their requests. The saint is especially sensitive to those who approach the Icon with such a prayer:

George the Victorious

One of the brightest episodes of the life of the saint is connected with the miracle of the snake This scripture tells about the brave warrior George, who is saving the princess from the huge man-eating snake, who lived in the lake. After that, many pagans wanted to accept the same faith that George followed and accept Christianity.

On the Icon St. George is depicted with a spear on a horse, personifying the eternal struggle between good and evil. Many pray to him for courage, courage, luck and success in business. Mothers and wives come to the Great Martyr to ask for their husbands and sons so that the Holy would grant them health, courage and bless them for good deeds in the name of the prosperity of the family.

In the modern world of tough competition, business people turn to an icon depicting a saint with words of gratitude for courage, dexterity, and resourcefulness. He is asked for help in intractable affairs and complex tasks, they pray for health, good harvest, profits and wealth.

Strengthening confidence, getting closer to the cherished goal, believing in one’s own strength and capabilities will be helped by the prayer to St. George:

Depending on the situation, the Psalms are read to the Holy: 27-3-52 for high profits and regular cash receipts; 76-39-3-10 to establish friendly contacts with partners, competitors suppliers, elimination of conflicts in the family and at work; 73-51-62 on the successful search for their own purpose, the realization of profitable goals, the device to a highly paid position; 90-37-26 for the revitalization of trade, to attract new regular customers.

In Christian traditions, it is customary to turn to the face of the Holy One for the protection of soldiers, merchants, farmers, farmers (herders). Catholics come to him with prayers to change the weather (send rain, get rid of the scorching sun).

In many European countries, believers come to the icon with a request to get rid of harmful habits, serious chronic diseases, protracted depression and blues. In Russia, the twenty-third of April and the twenty-sixth of November were considered the days of St. George’s memory. George the patron saint of believers named Yuri and Yegori. It is on Yuriev Day (spring) that it is customary to drive cattle to pastures after wintering.

The Order of Saint George - this highest award of the Russian Empire was created in honor of the Great Martyr George under Catherine the Great. Nowadays, the St. George Ribbon is widely heard - a symbol of victory over fascism. By tradition, this tape is distributed on the eve of the celebration of Victory Day.

Guardian angel

Prayers for the attraction of money, good luck and success in all can be addressed to your Guardian Angel. Usually such a patron saint is that saint whose name was given to you during the Mystery of Baptism. It is desirable that the month of your baptism or birth coincides with the date of veneration of the saint in the church calendar of saints.

The Guardian Angel in Orthodoxy is a good holy spirit given by God to a person who has accepted the faith of Christ. It is he who is a free assistant, directing and first defender of the believer. He is not visible to people, and in order to feel his presence it is advisable to remember him, talking with the Holy Spirit, sharing with him his troubles, sorrows and thanks for all his goodness.

The direct task of the Angel is to save the soul and body of a person. Being a mentor in piety, faith and good thoughts, he can come in a dream of a ward or appear in reality in the form of another person, animal or even a thing that will become a sign of intercession.

When naming a baby with a specific name, parents usually look at what the name means and what saints they wear. But not all names are in the church calendar. For example, the name Oksana is not on the list of fair dates. And the girls at Baptism, offered to take the patronage of St. Xenia of St. Petersburg. Thus, your prayers should be turned to the icon of the martyr Xenia.

Many Orthodox teachings claim that man does not know the name of his true Guardian Angel, given to man by God. Therefore, it is worth remembering and reading all Angels on a common day of remembrance. This date falls on the twenty-first of November. Catholics celebrate this holiday on the second of October.

It is believed that at dusk of each day (at midnight) the angels rush to heaven to share what his ward lives with the Almighty. God-fearing people strengthen their patronage in the face of the Angel who worshiped God. The Lord is glad to give them human benefits and to promote worldly happiness.

The angels of people in sin are in a hurry to refuse protection. With tears, they ask "... to leave them without our protection," "... because with deeds they cater to the lusts of their flesh, and only with their mouth they utter your name ...".

Therefore, coming to the Church and addressing your beloved Guardian Angel (for baptism) with your immediate problems, it is important to be as focused as possible on faith, your good goals, desires. A person should try to express thoughts and words more clearly and concretely, supporting a random text with a prayer to the Angel:

Behavior of the Believer During Communion with the Saints

True Orthodox people do not expect from the Almighty an instant answer to their requests. There is no immediate return for those whose faith is weak and temporary. If there is no special place for the Lord in your heart and soul, he will not be in a hurry to fulfill your desires.

Prayers for the attraction of success, financial well-being, good luck will have special power for those who frequently visit the Divine Temple, try to perform church rites, honor holidays, fasts, and traditions of Orthodoxy.

Special attention should be given to gratitude. Do not be stingy to say "thank you" to your patrons, guardian angels, all the Saints, whom you sincerely believe in and hope for their help. It helps a lot when asking for help and will become a true force from all adversity and sorrow.

Regularly attending church, attending services, confessing, and communion is one of the conditions for constant contact with God. If you do not have such an opportunity, try to communicate with the Lord at home, light candles, worship, thank the Almighty.

You can ask for intercession and blessing in simple words, but with an open soul, full of faith and hope for a happy future. Learn to trust your thoughts and feelings to God, share your plans and pray to give you more strength to create good deeds that will benefit not only you and your family, but everyone around you.