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Tiger and Dog Compatibility - The Perfect Match


The compatibility of Tigers and Dogs is assessed by astrologers as favorable. Partners respect each other. There will always be romance in their couple, although they do not fall in love at first sight. Relationships will not develop rapidly, but slowly and gradually love should arise.

Man-Tiger and Woman-Dog

This pair is considered by many to be a role model. Astrologers believe that the compatibility of partners is almost perfect. And relationships are based on a lot of respect first.

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. Due to the fact that their communication begins with deep respect, the relationship may not start. But they will become friends for sure, and there, you see, and fall in love. The birth of feelings will occur very slowly, gradually.
  2. A man in pairs with other women used to strain. With the Dog, he will finally be able to relax and feel truly comfortable and calm.
  3. A woman is very well able to feel the mood and desires of a partner, adapting to them. At the right moment, she will leave him alone, and when necessary - will give care and tenderness. She respects his right to liberty and personal boundaries.
  4. The girl, born under the sign of the Dog, is very loyal and faithful. She will never allow treason. Therefore, the chosen one can be completely sure of her, and there is no place for jealousy in their relationship. He understands this very well and appreciates the qualities of the chosen one, instead performing real feats for her.
  5. Next to him, she may not worry about anything. He will solve all problems, will provide financially and will not allow someone to hurt his woman. He himself revels in this feeling, he likes to be a hero next to a fragile and tender darling.
  6. Tiger is a very temperamental nature, it is characterized by outbursts of anger and excessive emotionality. But the beloved is doing an excellent job with such disposition, she is the only one who can calm him down, pacify him, cool him off. She is able, with her characteristic female wisdom, to direct her chosen one on the right path. And he always listens to her advice.
  7. They are very similar. Especially the fact that they live, think, act and develop with the same speed, so no one has to catch up with a partner.
  8. There is also a minus in their relationship - this is a small infantilism of both. They may be dependent, not always able to organize an established life and harmonious space around them. Therefore, in life together we have to learn a lot in order not to get bogged down in everyday problems. It is important to grow together and solve all problems together.
  9. They are so comfortable together that they often do not think about getting married. They just do not see the point of changing something. Only a woman is able to "persuade" the chosen one to formalize the relationship, he himself is unlikely to take such a step, not wanting to leave the comfort zone.
  10. And only because of this can quarrels happen. It seems obvious to a girl that she is worthy of a marriage proposal, and her partner does not live up to her expectations. Therefore, it is important to talk about your desire to create an official family, and not to be offended silently.

In general, it is a very harmonious union of two people loving each other, their home is a bowl. Support, care and attention grabs both.

Man-Dog and Woman-Tiger

The fate of this relationship will depend on the depth and sincerity of the feelings of both partners. They need not only to love each other, but also to become friends, to infinitely respect a partner and to observe their personal boundaries.

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. The temperament of the partners is quite calm. Therefore, they rarely fall in love so that it captures the spirit. Sometimes it seems that they are basically not capable of strong feelings. But this is far from the case. Simply, they are serious about relationships, they are looking at candidates for the role of life partner for a very long time.
  2. Therefore, at first everyone evaluates a partner for a long time, tries to learn about him as much as possible. And only after a long time, feelings arise. But they will be strong, deep and exactly long, because it is not spontaneously arisen love.
  3. It is in a relationship with a man-dog that a girl will be able to completely relax and absolve herself of responsibility. She can be sure of him, rely on him in everything. At the same time, in his care, the man does not overdo it, leaving the chosen degree the necessary degree of freedom.
  4. He always and in all ways supports her, seeks with all his strength to keep calm and peace of mind to his beloved. Always help in word and deed in a difficult moment or leave alone with himself when necessary. In such an environment, a woman relaxes completely and feels truly happy.

A woman will appreciate the beauty of such a harmonious and relaxed relationship. Over time, she will fall in love very much and deeply, giving the man all her tenderness and care.

Union cons

And there are spots on the sun, so there can be problems in such a happy and harmonious couple. But it is not their presence that is important, but a competent joint approach to their solution.

The tiger can sometimes be jealous, suspecting the chosen one of all mortal sins. Although the Dog never gives a reason to condemn it for treason. Therefore, she will only have to be patient, not allowing the partner to behave inappropriately. The main thing is not to prove anything, because the suspicions of the Tiger usually have no basis.

But the Tiger itself can sometimes glance to the side. It is very important that he carefully conceals traces of adultery, if he nevertheless happened, otherwise he would inflict an irreparable heart wound to the partner and make him completely disappointed in love.

Small quarrels can occur on domestic soil, because both are extremely not adapted to independent living. They need to distribute responsibilities so that each has its own area of ​​responsibility.