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How to confess and what to say to my father: the rules of confession with examples


Few know how to confess and what to say to the priest. I will tell you and give an example of a speech for repentance so that the ceremony will be as comfortable for you as possible and you will be able to receive a blessing. It is terrible to take this step only for the first time. After you experience all the sacred power of the ritual, doubts will go away, and faith in God will increase.

What is confession?

Practically all people have heard about confession, but only a few know how to confess properly in the church and what to say to the priest, as well as what deep meaning lies in this sacred rite.

The meaning of confession is to purify the soul, but also at the same time a test for it. It helps a person to take off the burden of his sins, to receive forgiveness and to appear before God perfect perfect: thoughts, actions, soul. Confession is also a wonderful religious tool for someone who wants to conquer internal doubts, learn to hear his intuition and repent of perfect offenses.

It is important to know that if a person has committed serious sins, the priest can give him punishment - penance. It can consist in long tiresome prayers, strict after or abstinence from all worldly things. Punishment should be humbly accepted, knowing that it helps your soul to be cleansed.

It is known that any violations of the commandments of God have a negative impact on the physical health of a person and on the state of his soul. It is for this that repentance is needed - in order to gain the strength necessary to withstand temptation and temptation, stop sinning.

Before the confession, it is advisable to make a list of your sins in advance, describe them according to church canons and prepare for a conversation with the priest.

What to say in confession to a priest: an example

You should know that it is not at all necessary to pour out the soul to the priest and repent of your sins in all details, it is even undesirable. Just look at this list of sins and write out what is peculiar to you.

There are seven deadly sins in which to repent.

  1. Envy of success and achievements, benefits of other people.
  2. Vanity, which manifests itself to selfishness, narcissism, high self-esteem and narcissism.
  3. Despondency, with which such concepts as depression, apathy, laziness and despair, lack of faith in one's own strength are also identified.
  4. Avarice, which in modern language we call greed, avarice, obsession only on material goods. When a person sets goals aimed only at enrichment, but does not devote a single minute to the development of the spiritual.
  5. Anger directed at people. This also includes any manifestations of temper, irritation, vindictiveness and rancor.
  6. Fornication is treason to one’s partner, frequent change of sexual partners, infidelity to the beloved in thoughts, words or actions (not only a physical act).
  7. Gluttony, gluttony, excessive love of food and the absence of any restrictions on food.

These sins are not in vain called "mortal" - they lead, if not to the death of a person's physical body, then to the death of his soul. Constantly, day after day, committing these sins, man is moving further and further away from God. He ceases to feel his protection, support.

Only sincere repentance in confession will help cleanse it of all this. It should be understood that we are all not without sin. And you do not need to reproach yourself if you find yourself in this list. Only God is not mistaken, and an ordinary person is not always able to resist temptations and temptations, not to let evil in his body and soul. Especially if some difficult period occurs in his life.

An example of what can be said: "O God, I sinned before you." And then list the sins according to a previously prepared list. For example: "I committed adultery, I was greedy with my mother, I constantly get angry with my wife." End repentance with the phrase: "I repent, God, save and sinner, have mercy on me."

After the priest listens to you, he can give advice and help you understand how you should act in this or that situation in accordance with God's commandments.

It can be very difficult for you to confess your sins. The feeling of heaviness, depression, a lump in the throat, a tear - any reaction is completely normal. Try to overcome yourself and tell everything. The priest will never judge you, because he is a guide from you to God and simply has no right to give value judgments.

Watch an educational video on how to start a confession before the priest:

How to prepare for confession

It is better to prepare for the sacred rite in advance so that everything goes smoothly. For a few days, select the church to which you will go, study its opening hours, see what time the confessions are held. Most often in the schedule for this are indicated weekends or holidays.

Often at this time in the temple a lot of people, and not everyone can open their hearts to the public. In this case, you should contact the priest directly and ask him to set a time for you when you can be alone.

Before confession, read the Penitential canon, which will set you up to the desired state and free your thoughts from all that is superfluous. Also, pre-write the list of sins on a separate piece of paper so that you do not forget anything from excitement on the day of confession.

In addition to the seven deadly sins, the list may include:

  • "Women's sins": refusal to communicate with God, reading the prayers "on the machine" without including the soul, sex with men before marriage, negative emotions in thoughts, appeals to magicians, fortune-tellers and psychics, belief in omens and superstitions, fear of old age, abortion , causing clothing, addiction to alcohol or drugs, failure to help those in need.
  • "Male sins": angry words addressed to God, lack of faith in God, themselves, others, a sense of superiority over the weak, sarcasm and ridicule, evasion of military service, violence (moral and physical) over other people, lies and slander, succumbed temptations and temptations, theft of another's property, rudeness, rudeness, greed, a sense of contempt.

Why is confession so important? We regularly clean our body of dirt, but we completely forget that it sticks to the soul every day. Having cleared the soul, we receive not only the forgiveness of God, but also become more pure, calm, relaxed, full of strength and energy.